Noonday Sample Sale Rules

Sample Sale template

Sample Sale Rules:
  • If you are interested in an item please leave  a comment on the sample sale post with the name of the item you want and your email address. Example: If you want a necklace please comment on the Necklace post, etc…
  • If you see an item up that you want but it has an email address in the comments, go ahead and leave a comment with your email address as that will serve as a “waiting list” if the first person doesn’t make their payment in the alloted time.
  • If you are out of state I will email you a paypal reciept and you can pay for the item via credit card or paypal.   I will add $5.00 shipping to your invoice for items that need to be mailed. ** I can only ship to addresses within the United States.***
  •  You MUST pay for the item within 24 hours of receiving the invoice, or the item will go to the next person in line,.
  • I will leave all items up until payment has been received.  I will mark an item as “sold” when payment has been received for it.
  • If you are local you may arrange to pick up your item. You may pay via cash or a personal check made out to “Abby Schill”.
  •  All sample sales through me are final sale. All items are samples and have been tried on at trunk shows and gently loved by me. 

Sample Sale: Necklaces


Artifact Necklace

32″L, Fringe 5″L, Pendant 1.1″W

Resin, Mixed Metal

made with love in India

Original Price $42.00

Sale Price $22.00


Charmed Brass Necklace



made with love in Kenya

Original Price $58.00

Sale Price $25.00


Fringed Crescent Necklace

32.5″L, Pendant 3″W, 2.5″L Extender Chain

Upcycled Metal, Thread, Mixed Metal

made with love in Haiti

Original Price $48.00

Sale Price $25.00


Great Expectations Necklace

Adjustable, Bib 2.25″H

Handcrafted Paper Beads, Glass Beads

made with love in Uganda

Original Price $58.00

Sale Price $30.00


Skyward Necklace


Tagua and Acai Seed

made with love in Ecuador

Original Price $62.00

Sale Price $28.00


Sway Necklace

32″L, Adjustable

Tagua and Acai Seed, Mixed Metal

made with love in Ecuador

Original Price $72.00

Sale Price $26.00

Sample Sale: Bracelets


Alvaro Bracelets

.5″W, Stretch

Glass Beads, Leather

made with love in Guatemala

Original Price $46.00

Sale Price $23.00


Equatorial Bracelet

.75″W, Stretch

Leather, Cotton Huipil (Shade Varies)

made with love in Guatemala

Original Price $34.00

Sale Price $15.00



Lattice Bracelet

75″W, Adjustable

Glass Beads, Cotton Thread

made with love in Guatemala

Original Price $38.00

Sale Price $14.00


Perfect Symmetry Wrap Bracelet

Adjustable, Pendant 1.5″W

Resin, Leather, Mixed Metal

made with love in India

Original Price $36.00

Sale Price $16.00


Trio Bangle, Grapefruit

2.75″ Diameter

Tagua Seed, Mixed Metal

made with love in Ecuador

Original Price $28.00

Sale Price $15.00


Trio Bangle, Olive

2.75″ Diameter

Tagua Seed, Mixed Metal

Original Price $28.00

Sale Price $ 15.00

what i wore wednesday

unnamed (1)


As you know this past year my eyes have really been opened to the idea of shopping with a purpose. {You can read more in this post.}  I want to be more mindful of were we are spending our money and where are clothes are coming from.  Recently I purchased my first piece of clothing from an ethical fashion label.  I have been loving my Symbology tank and it will be one of the staples in my summer wardrobe.  I love the fit of this tank and of course the hand stamped elephant print is pretty awesome too.  What I LOVE the most was that this item was ethically made by women in India giving them a sustainable income.

Outfit Details:

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Bentonville Half Marathon

This past weekend the running club traveled to Arkansas to run the Bentonville half marathon.  My good friend and running buddy is from Bentonville so we decided to make it a girls weekend and do a race in her home city.  It was fun to finally see Bentonville. When I first started reading blogs (7+ years ago) a few of the regular blogs I read were written by girls in the Bentonville/NWA area. That area always seemed so cute so it was fun to get to see it in person!


We made it to Bentonville  just in time to pick our race packets and to check out the gear at the race Expo. I picked up one of these JUNK headbands to wear during my runs.  The couple that owns this company went to school with my friend. I LOVE their headbands!



The first night we were there we got to meet up with, one of my Noonday sisters, Corrie.  Corrie and I had met this past January at our Noonday ambassador conference.  She’s SO fun and I always enjoy getting to hang out with her.  Her good friend Joy joined us at dinner too.  I had recently connected online with Joy so it was to get to meet her in person. They have two boys around the same age as our boys and they are also adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. I enjoyed getting to hang out with her in person and get to know her a little bit! It’s always fun to meet others who are adopting from Ethiopia.


the running club



Saturday morning we woke up early to head downtown again for our race.  We all loved doing the B’ville half.  It was such a great race.  The weather was perfect, it was a small-ish crowd (3,000 people), there were bands playing along the route and the route was beautiful!  I think we will definitely be doing this half again in the future. We somehow managed to shave almost two minutes off our our Tulsa half marathon time. Yay for new PR’s!



After the race we celebrated with some really good Mexican food at Table Mesa and then stopped by Crepes Paulette for dessert.  Both were such a treat after our run!! The little crepe stand was SO cute!  It was so nice to have a kid free 24 hour getaway with some of my besties.  I’m so grateful for each of them and for our little running club.


41 Day

Recently I got connected with a  new friend Tara, who runs a ministry called No. 41.  Tara is originally from Oklahoma but she currently lives in Nashville.  Her heart though is in Rwanda.


Today, No. 41 is hosting their second annual 41 Day event. The premise is this: for one day, engage in prayer and fasting for Gisenyi, Rwanda and donate the cost of your lunch to No. 41. Their feeding program, 1,200 students and teachers, provides lunch for one child for just $0.25 a day. How much do you spend on lunch everyday?

1 feeds 4 children for one day,
$5 feeds 20 children,
$10 feeds 40 children.


It is pretty amazing how much we spend on our lunches compared to how little it costs for a child to eat in Rwanda. I know for at least one day, we can all afford to give up one meal for the sake of giving 10 for children who have no control over when or what they get to eat.


When No.41 started, there were, roughly, 100 young adults over the age of 18 living in the Noel Orphanage. With no family and limited resources, the prospect of university or becoming gainfully employed was low. Along with that, confidence was low, dreams were small and hope was almost non-existent. It was important, not only to provide a means of sustainable employment doing a culturally relevant trade for these girls, but also to remind them that they were created for a great purpose, by an even greater God. We all have been given gifts and talents and, once realized, we should spend those helping others and that is where the feeding program came in.

In our village there are three secondary schools, grades 7-12, and these students go to school all day, most without eating. The schools, generally, offer a 20-minute break for lunch where children who live close enough or have money, may go home to go to the market to eat. Most do not.

All that has transpired at No.41 is beyond our wildest dreams. We have had ten girls move themselves out of the orphanage and we now have 19 enrolled in university. We have career fairs and business trainings, bible study and English class. I never believed this couldn’t happen, but I never imagined it would happen like this. No.41 is a testament to all that God wants to do in you and through you, if you’ll just say, yes. -Tara

For more information on No. 41, check out their website  HTTP://WWW.NO41.ORG. Also, for more information on the event itself, please check out the Facebook invite HERE.  If you would like to donate to No. 41, click HERE.  And follow NO. 41 on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

Blog Train: Shopping with a PURPOSE + {Giveaway}

If you are visiting my blog for the Noonday  “Blog Train!”, WELCOME!   To celebrate the launch of our gorgeous Spring line, a few Noonday ambassadors have been sharing how Noonday has made a difference in their lives.  I’ll also be offering a great giveaway at the end of this post so stay tuned!


A recent adoption trunk show

Over a year and a half ago I posted about why I became a Noonday Ambassador.  The short of it is that I wanted to be a part of Noonday to make a difference in the life of someone else.  As soon as I heard about Noonday and the ambassador opportunity  I applied, interviewed and dived right in. I absolutely could not wait to be a part of this amazing company advocating on behalf of women around the world.

I’m a total Type “A” girl”  and I’ll be honest a few weeks later these thoughts went through my head…. “Wait!  I hate speaking in front of people maybe this isn’t for me. Am I fashionable enough?  Will some of my friends un-friend me if I ask them to host a show? Will people take me seriously as an advocate? etc…..”


Ya’ll it didn’t take long though for me to get over my fears.  Sure it can be intimidating putting myself out there and I still get nervous sometimes when I speak in front of others.  But, I want to be BOLD to say “YES” to what HE has called me to even if that means stepping out of my comfort zone and being vulnerable.  I want to be a part of this generation of women that God is calling to come together to seek justice for the poor.

Vulnerability is not knowing victory or deafeat, it’s understanding the necessity of both; it’s engaging.  It’s being all in.  – Brene Brown

Being an ambassador is really not about me. It is about other women all around the globe.  It is about mothers trying to provide for their children.   IT IS ABOUT OUR ARTISANS.  I am doing this for them.  If I can use my voice, my God given talents, and my passion for the orphan to bless even one artisan than it has all been worth it.  God has used Noonday to wreck me for the things he cares about; the orphan and the oppressed.  Noonday is such a tangible way for me to advocate and be a voice for others around the world.  Sometimes it seems like the small part we can play in doing good in the world is not enough to make a  difference.  BUT that is so NOT TRUE.

I would love for you to join me in being part of the Noonday story simply by using your purchasing power for good.  When you shop with companies like Noonday you are buying goods that are handmade and created {with love} by artisans.  Your purchase is literally helping to lift men and women out of poverty.  You are helping them to have access to healthcare and to be able to send their children to school.  You are also helping them to create long term change within their communities. You are preventing families from having to give up their children.


Meet Jalia, our lead artisan in Uganda!  Jalia and her husband were the first artisan group that we ever started working with.  Two and half years later their group has grown to 300 artisans! Ya’ll that is 300 FAMILIES that are being impacted!!  By purchasing {with a purpose} from Noonday you have helped Jalia and Daniel create change within their community!

I am guessing, that just like me, you have never lived in extreme poverty.  Jalia knows extreme poverty.  She has lived it and has come out on the other side by the grace of God.  It was so powerful to hear her story and testimony recently at our ambassador conference.   The Lord used Noonday to literally create a pathway out of poverty for her family (and eventually 300 other Ugandan families).  This was all possible because of your purchases with Noonday!

ugandan artisans

Our artisan group in Uganfa -photo by Wynne Elder

 This year I want to more conscious about where I shop.  WILL YOU JOIN ME?  Let’s seek out companies that make a difference in the lives of others.  Using our purchasing power for the good of others is just one small thing we can do.  I promise you it will make a HUGE impact and be such a blessing to someone else’s life. Visit my purchasing with a purpose page for a list of great companies, who along with Noonday, sell goods that are making a difference in the world!

I would LOVE it if you would consider partnering with your local Noonday Ambassador to host a trunk show.  Introduce your friends to the idea of “purchasing with a purpose” from a company that has ethically made products.  Sign up to host a trunk show here!

Make sure to enter yesterday’s giveaway from Carey and then head on over to Kristin’s blog for her giveaway tomorrow!


And now how about a GIVEAWAY!!! I am so excited to be giving away one of my favorite necklaces from the Spring Noonday Collection…. The Tushabe Layerd Necklace!  This gorgeous statement necklace is handmade {with LOVE} by Jalia and her talented artisan group in Uganda!  Throw it on with a plain t-shirt and head out the door looking fabulous!

For a chance to win the Tushabe Layered Necklace head on over to Rafflecopter to enter!

** This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only**

Noonday Trunk Show with Jessica Honegger


This past year the founder of Noonday, Jessica Honegger, has been going around the U.S. and meeting up with Ambassadors in their cities.  This past week Jessica came to OKC and I had the joy of getting to  have her stay in our  home.   It was such a special time!  I am so grateful to have had some one on one time to get to know Jessica better and also to share my story with her! We got to talk about our families, Noonday (a given right!), and adoption.

While she was in OK we had a Noonday trunk show of course! I got to hear Jessica share at our ambassador conference in January but I was so excited to have all of my friends get the opportunity to hear her too.  This trunk show was for one of my friends, Candice, who is adopting from the Congo!  It was such a fun night of getting to bless Candice and her family. I have a special place in my heart for adoption trunk shows. I LOVE partnering with adopting families to help them bring their littles home.




We had so many people come to the trunk show (50+ women) to support Candice and to hear Noonday’s story first hand from Jessica.  Many of the girls who came were people I know well and have really helped to launch my Noonday business here in Oklahoma.  Some of the women  have hosted multiple trunk shows, some have adopted, some of them were Noonday newbies, and almost everyone was decked out in their Noonday! It was SO MUCH FUN to finally get to introduce Jessica to Noonday’s biggest fans!  

1002655_643257109042971_2020908496_n (1)











After the trunk show several of the OKC ambassadors met up for drinks.  I always love hanging out with my sweet Noonday sisters! I love that we are all in this together, working for the same mission.

unnamed (1)

When I started with Noonday I had no idea the friendships that would come out of this.  I am so thankful I went to the conference in January and got to meet so many of the ambassadors in person.  These Noonday sisters are the real deal.  They are true world changers!