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Adoption Yard Sale/Fundraiser


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Give1Save1 Adoption fundraiser

Good news from Ethiopia!

Our adoption process will cost around $38,000. A lot of things are included in this amount: agency fees, home study fees, dossier fees & travel expenses. God has provided everything we have needed so far along the way! If you are interested in partnering with us to help offset the cost of our adoption you can contact us by email or make a tax deductible donation via America World.


Our adoption timeline:

12/16/12 submitted pre-application to awaa

1/7/13   submitted application to awaa!!

1/10/13 accepted in to awaa’s ethiopia program

1/20/13 mailed our adoption announcement to friends and family

1/22/13 assigned family coordinator with awaa

2/2/2013 1st home study visit

3/1/2015 2nd home study visit

3/15/2013 3rd home study visit

5/3/2013 received our home study in the mail

5/4/2013 Adoption Yard Sale

5/6/2013 Submitted USCIS application

5/20/2013 Give1Save1/Pure Charity Fundraiser

5/30/2013 Finger printing appointment

6/6/2013 USCIS approved

6/11/2013 AWAA received our Dossier

6/28/2013 DTE!!!

7/4/2013 Dossier arrived in Addis Abba, Ethiopia

7/16/2013 Found out we will be one of the family’s benefiting from the Orphan Love Mud Run

10/19/2013 Orphan Love Mud Run

5/16/2014 Adoption Yard Sale

11/2014 Home study update

11/2014 USCIS Update


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