Bentonville Half Marathon

This past weekend the running club traveled to Arkansas to run the Bentonville half marathon.  My good friend and running buddy is from Bentonville so we decided to make it a girls weekend and do a race in her home city.  It was fun to finally see Bentonville. When I first started reading blogs (7+ years ago) a few of the regular blogs I read were written by girls in the Bentonville/NWA area. That area always seemed so cute so it was fun to get to see it in person!


We made it to Bentonville  just in time to pick our race packets and to check out the gear at the race Expo. I picked up one of these JUNK headbands to wear during my runs.  The couple that owns this company went to school with my friend. I LOVE their headbands!



The first night we were there we got to meet up with, one of my Noonday sisters, Corrie.  Corrie and I had met this past January at our Noonday ambassador conference.  She’s SO fun and I always enjoy getting to hang out with her.  Her good friend Joy joined us at dinner too.  I had recently connected online with Joy so it was to get to meet her in person. They have two boys around the same age as our boys and they are also adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. I enjoyed getting to hang out with her in person and get to know her a little bit! It’s always fun to meet others who are adopting from Ethiopia.


the running club



Saturday morning we woke up early to head downtown again for our race.  We all loved doing the B’ville half.  It was such a great race.  The weather was perfect, it was a small-ish crowd (3,000 people), there were bands playing along the route and the route was beautiful!  I think we will definitely be doing this half again in the future. We somehow managed to shave almost two minutes off our our Tulsa half marathon time. Yay for new PR’s!



After the race we celebrated with some really good Mexican food at Table Mesa and then stopped by Crepes Paulette for dessert.  Both were such a treat after our run!! The little crepe stand was SO cute!  It was so nice to have a kid free 24 hour getaway with some of my besties.  I’m so grateful for each of them and for our little running club.



Orphan Love Mud Run 2013


In October Ben and the boys ran the Orphan Love Mud Run. Ben did the 5k and the little’s did the kids mud run. We were one of the eleven families that benefited from the concert and race proceeds. It was such a fun way to fundraise and get friends involved in our adoption process.

Here are a few pictures from the race!





Several of our friends drove an hour and twenty minutes each way to run in the mud with our boys. And did I mention it was stinkin cold and that day? True friends right there!


Two other couples/families that are dear friends of ours were also benefiting families from the race. I love that we were able to fundraise together! In the end It’s a Child’s Life was able to raise close to $18,000 which was   split among the 11 families.  We are so grateful to have been part of this fundraiser! It made a big dent in helping us to have the funds to accept a referral some day.

A BIG thank you to everyone who sponsored us in the race and came out to run the race along side our family!

Route 66 Half Marathon


I did it! I ran my first half marathon this past weekend. I have wanted to run a half for the past two years and I am glad I can finally cross it off of my bucket list!

SO many of my friends texted me Friday, Saturday, and even the morning of the race (Sunday) sending encouraging words and lots of “Good Lucks!” I truly have such an amazing group of friends that the Lord has blessed me with in OK.

half marathon

It was a cool 23 degrees on the morning of the race. Not exactly my idea for good race conditions! I was honestly just grateful that it was not snowing or sleeting in Tulsa because it was doing both back home during our race.



I loved getting to run my first half with my running crew. I am so grateful for these three sweet friends and that we could have a fun girls weekend away together in Tulsa!

Super Fan 5K


A local company, Old Hat Creative,  hosted the Super Fan 5k in our city this past Saturday.  I ran the race with two of my friends that I run with three times a week.  My running group lately has gone from 2 girls to 4 of us! LOVE that we have a little running club now. This was our first race that we have done together and when we signed up I told them I wanted to PR. And PR I did! Our time was 28:11 which put us at a 9:06 minute mile.


One friend Tricia, from our church, works at Old Hat and helped organize the race. We had a huge turnout from our church come and run the 5k.  I love that we have so many runners in our church and that we love to show up and support one another!  Ben and I have been so blessed by our Prov Road Community!  I am so thankful the Lord led us to this church and such an amazing group of friends to do life with.


When I rounded the corner to the finish line I looked over and saw Ben wearing this hat.  If you know Ben this is totally not his normal “look”!  HA!  They were giving out OU hats that were signed by Bob Stoops during the race, hence the hats.  LOVE my Ben, gansta hat and all!

OKC Memorial Kids Marathon


Noah ran in his first official race this weekend! He ran the entire 1.2 miles!!  We’re so proud of him. Ben’s dad ran with him during the race.  The OKC Memorial Marathon is in remberance of the those that lost their lives in the bombing of the Federal building in 1995.


These are most of the kids and family members from Noah’s school that ran the kids marathon.  They did part of their training at home and the rest during PE this spring.  We have a wonderful PE teacher who organized the kids running the race together.  Our school was named the 2013 OKC Memorial Kids Marathon Oklahoman Fitness Challenge winner for the highest percent of participation!  The school will be awarded a traveling trophy and $500 for our P.E. department.

I ended up running the 5k at the very last second.  My friend texted me on Saturday and asked if I knew of anyone who would like to take her spot in the 5k.  I decided to go for it since a few of my friends were already going to be running it too.   I really wanted to run the race in under 30 minutes and PR.  If you are a serious runner or your name is MK please don’t laugh at my goal! ha!  Well I was running along with my friends feeling pretty good and I decided to run ahead. I was running a long and I looked down at my watch and I had already run over 3.3 miles. OOPS!  I somehow missed the 5k turnoff and had continued on with the Marathoners and the 1/2 marathoners!! I was supposed take a left on 10th street and ended up at 18th street.  This is what happens when run a race on the fly and you don’t look at the course map at all.  I got some super funny looks from all the marathoners when I was walking back in the opposite direction to get back to the 5k finish line.  In the end I did run a 5k with a pace of 9.6.  I just ran on my own course!

thrifty finds

A few of my friends organized a women’s clothes swap in our city.  Lots of women in our area donated clothes from their closet for the sale. And then we all got to go shop the sale. Every piece of clothing was under $5! All the proceeds and left over clothes were donated to several women’s organizations in the area. I LOVE this and hope it becomes a semi-annual event!


I picked up this super soft OU long sleeve tee at the clothing swap for $2!


OU Cheerleading outfit, $1

This was my first ever yard sale find/purchase for lil sister. Ya’ll it is so much more fun to shop for girl clothes! My friend and her extended family had their annual yard sale this past weekend and they had TONS of cute girl clothes.  I am definitely going to be going to their yard sale every year!  If the boys hadn’t been with me I might have dug through more boxes and bought more. I got seven outfits for lil sister though!


 OKC Thunder Jersery, $.50

Graham just got this exact same jersery for his birthday but in a smaller size.  Noah has been wanting one so I was so pumped to find this one for him!


White 11 x 14 Frame, $.50


Cuisinart Panini Press,  $0.75

I might have bought this on the run. My freinds and I were on a run and we just so happened to be running through a neighborhood full of yard sales. This one family was moving overseas and selling a ton of their belongings. My whole running crew each bought a few things! So far I have used my griddler to make a grilled cheese but I am hoping to make something fancier soon.

Family race

This past Saturday the whole family ran in a local race. Ben grew up running races with his family and I always thought that was so fun.  So here we are starting that tradition with our boys. Ben, my FIL and I all ran the 5k.

Six  of our friends also ran in the race with us which was so fun. My running bestie Naomi and my friend Merideth and I all ran the entire race together.  We’re pretty much just recreational runners. We might have chatted the whole race. A mama has to make good use of her time spent with friends when little people aren’t present. 🙂

The boys ran in their very first kids fun run. The boys were both excited to get to run since they are always seeing Ben and I lace up our running shoes! Love that they are excited about something we enjoy so much!

thrifty finds

Back in June we were on our way to church get together at the park one Sat morning when I spotted an estate sale sign. Ben pulled over and I ran into the sale real quick. I love estate sales! I found a few vintage books to bring home. You know we love us some Richard Scarry! I am always excited to find one of his books that we don’t have!!

I didn’t notice till I got home but one of the books I got is a library book from the elementary school I went to when we first moved here back in the 80’s. So fun!

I also picked up another milk glass bowl to add to my collection. You might remember that I picked up the same bowl only smaller right before we left GA. I was excited to find the mama bowl to my little one.

This past weekend Graham and I hit up a few yard sales. I found a handful of good books. Some of them were on my list of books I was wanting for homeschooling. Yay!

I was thrilled when I  found a set of 60 counters. You can use these to teach numbers, patterns, colors, etc. I almost bought some at our local office/school supply store but didn’t. Boy am I glad I waited. I paid $2 for a set of 60 counters which is a STEAL! There are little planes, tug boats, trains, cars, buses, firetrucks, etc.

I also found Graham an OU jersey to wear for dress up and for football games this fall. Our friends  have the exact same jersey but it’s an A&M one. Graham always puts it on when we are at their house. When I showed him the OU one he said it wasn’t the right one. I had to explain to him that we don’t root for Texas!!! 😉

My most favorite finds this past week were two running skirts.  We have a great local running store and they have an annual tent sale each July. I have been wanting a running skirt for a while now but couldn’t stomach paying $50 for one. I was able to get this Brooks skirt above for $17 and the NB one below for $25. I had a birthday gift card to the Runner I had been saving so really I got them for free!!

If you know me well you know that I am a huge Nike running short fans. We’ll ya’ll I think I have a new love. These running skirts are so dang comfortable. I have worn one of them running so far and loved it for that. But I have to say I have also been wearing them around to. It’s been 110 degrees this week and I don’t even want to think about coming up with a cute outfit. What is the point if I am just going to sweat???


After months of running by myself here in OK I am happy to report I now have a new running buddy!! You don’t know how happy that makes me.  Naomi and I met this spring at my in-laws church and have been running together for the past three and a half months. She and her hubby were Graham’s sunday school teachers and Naomi and I were also in the same women’s bible study. Thankfully Naomi came up to me one day at bible study and said, “Are you Graham’s mom?”  I guess I owe my little chatty cathy Graham for making such an impression on Naomi! ha!!

I barely knew Naomi when I found out that she ran. I think I might have asked her to run with me before we had even ever hung out or had a playdate with the kiddos. We quickly fell into a running routine and now we run every Friday and Sunday morning together. She’s definitely more of an experienced runner and has ran several half marathons. I am not only thankful to have someone to run with but to have someone that I really enjoy spending time with. I think I look forward to the conversations we’ll have while we’re running more than the actually running itself. Even though we haven’t known each other for long we’re becoming good friends really fast. I think having a solid hour twice a week to run/chat has really let us get to know one another quicker than normal. If we have time at the end of our run we try to pray together or at least give each other things to be praying for one another during our weeks. I am SO thankful for this time of fellowship!

For now were just trying to get through the heat of the summer but then I would like to do some races once things cool off in the fall. It’s be an adjustment trying to get used to running in the heat and humidity. This spring I ran at all different times of the day {one bonus to your husband being unemployed!} but now that husBen leaves for work before seven I’ve had to go back to crack of dawn runs. Thankfully that’s when most people run their sprinklers!!

Running:: fall 2011

My {running} goal before we left New England was to run six miles. I wanted to know I could run about half of a half marathon before I started training for it next year. That might be kind of silly but it’s just something I wanted to do. Running is really mostly mental and I just needed to know I could psych myself up enough for half of the real deal. A week ago Saturday I completed my goal! Running one mile outside used to be hard for me so it kind of blows my mind I was be able to run six straight miles-consecutively-on the same day!! If you are an experienced runner {as many of my real life friends are} you might be laughing that I think six miles is far. Remember I am a newbie! Makes me feel like the whole 13.1 miles is a little more doable now.

Running goals: Keep running over Christmas {the month of December} This will be a little tricky since we are moving and will be in transit starting next week. I might have to settle for two runs a week at the most. I guess any running is better than no running right?

Favorite running gear: Merrell Glove running shoes. I have been wanting to try a minimialist/barefoot running shoe for a while now. I snatched these up at the Navy Exchange on black friday. Can’t beat $40 off and no tax! So far I really like my new shoes.

This is my friend Laura. She and I have run together four times a week for the past five months. This morning we went on our very last run together. So sad! Her and her family left today to move back to Virginia. I am so grateful that we are leaving within a week of each other and that neither of us are left to run in cold/windy Rhody on our own. What the heck am I going to do when I have to run by myself in Oklahoma?!? I’ve been pretty darn spoiled to have a friend who lives one block away to run with. I know I might never have that again. I am so thankful that God crossed our paths this summer when we were both in need of a friend. We were both praying for a new friend around the time that we met. I not only gained a friend and a running buddy but our kiddos also gained little buddies too. We met up at the playground usually three times a week in the afternoon to let the kids play.
Laura gave me a little farewell gift yesterday. She {knows how much I love coffee and} really wants me to run the half. 🙂 Wish we could do it together friend!