Noonday Sample Sale Rules

Sample Sale template

Sample Sale Rules:
  • If you are interested in an item please leave  a comment on the sample sale post with the name of the item you want and your email address. Example: If you want a necklace please comment on the Necklace post, etc…
  • If you see an item up that you want but it has an email address in the comments, go ahead and leave a comment with your email address as that will serve as a “waiting list” if the first person doesn’t make their payment in the alloted time.
  • If you are out of state I will email you a paypal reciept and you can pay for the item via credit card or paypal.   I will add $5.00 shipping to your invoice for items that need to be mailed. ** I can only ship to addresses within the United States.***
  •  You MUST pay for the item within 24 hours of receiving the invoice, or the item will go to the next person in line,.
  • I will leave all items up until payment has been received.  I will mark an item as “sold” when payment has been received for it.
  • If you are local you may arrange to pick up your item. You may pay via cash or a personal check made out to “Abby Schill”.
  •  All sample sales through me are final sale. All items are samples and have been tried on at trunk shows and gently loved by me. 

One thought on “Noonday Sample Sale Rules

  1. Hi! I randomly found this webpage as I’m on the hunt for the discontinued Noonday Etched Marble Bracelet. Do you have one you might be willing to sell? THanks!

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