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As you know this past year my eyes have really been opened to the idea of shopping with a purpose. {You can read more in this post.}  I want to be more mindful of were we are spending our money and where are clothes are coming from.  Recently I purchased my first piece of clothing from an ethical fashion label.  I have been loving my Symbology tank and it will be one of the staples in my summer wardrobe.  I love the fit of this tank and of course the hand stamped elephant print is pretty awesome too.  What I LOVE the most was that this item was ethically made by women in India giving them a sustainable income.

Outfit Details:

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Sseko Designs


I have been waiting and waiting for warmer weather this year so I could finally start wearing my Sseko sandals!  Of course this is the year we have unseasonably cool weather in June and lots of storms!

If you haven’t heard of Sseko Designs before than let me introduce you!  These fun sandals are made in Uganda! You buy the leather base and then a pair (or two) of different colored fabric straps.  Then you can have fun styling your sseko’s in lots of different ways.  Sseko’s have been one of the most popular items at my spring trunk shows this year.

Here’s a few ways my friends are wearing their Sseko’s this summer!


Not only are Sseko’s fun and fashionable but when you purchase a pair you are helping to end the cycle of poverty.  The goal of Sseko Designs is two-fold: provide university tuition for these promising young women through a sustainable monthly income, while also contributing to the overall economic development of Uganda. The Ugandan school system is designed with a nine month gap between secondary school and university. These nine months are intended to allow time for students to earn money for tuition before continuing on to university. However, in an impoverished and male dominated society, many of these young women struggle to find fair work during this time. These women will not make sandals forever. They will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war.


Every sandal has a story.  Although consumerism makes many empty promises, responsible and proactive consumerism has the ability to change lives.  Have you ordered yours yet? What are you waiting for?

thrifty finds

A few of my friends organized a women’s clothes swap in our city.  Lots of women in our area donated clothes from their closet for the sale. And then we all got to go shop the sale. Every piece of clothing was under $5! All the proceeds and left over clothes were donated to several women’s organizations in the area. I LOVE this and hope it becomes a semi-annual event!


I picked up this super soft OU long sleeve tee at the clothing swap for $2!


OU Cheerleading outfit, $1

This was my first ever yard sale find/purchase for lil sister. Ya’ll it is so much more fun to shop for girl clothes! My friend and her extended family had their annual yard sale this past weekend and they had TONS of cute girl clothes.  I am definitely going to be going to their yard sale every year!  If the boys hadn’t been with me I might have dug through more boxes and bought more. I got seven outfits for lil sister though!


 OKC Thunder Jersery, $.50

Graham just got this exact same jersery for his birthday but in a smaller size.  Noah has been wanting one so I was so pumped to find this one for him!


White 11 x 14 Frame, $.50


Cuisinart Panini Press,  $0.75

I might have bought this on the run. My freinds and I were on a run and we just so happened to be running through a neighborhood full of yard sales. This one family was moving overseas and selling a ton of their belongings. My whole running crew each bought a few things! So far I have used my griddler to make a grilled cheese but I am hoping to make something fancier soon.

what i wore wednesday {2.6.13}

It has been f.o.r.e.v.e.r and a day since I have done WIWW. And by forever I mean back in Rhode Island, over a year ago…

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rockstar skinnies–Old Navy

striped tee–Target

down vest–Gap, clearance


earrings, bracelet, grey cowl–Noonday

*I fogot how time consuming it is to document outfits each day! Maybe I should title this post “What I Wore One day this Week! ha!

thrifted shirt:: refashion

Remember this top I found last year at Saver’s? I loved the fabric and the doily-esque detail at the top but after I wore it a few times didn’t love the length. It bugged me that the shirt wasn’t lined and that you could see my jeans through it. This fall when I put it on for the first time I had a brilliant idea. Why don’t I get it taken up a couple of inches and make it more of a blouse than a tunic. I took it to my favorite local seamstress and told her what I was thinking. I took one of my other shirts with me that I wanted my thrifted top to look like, that way she could get an idea of what length and fit I wanted.

I picked the shirt up recently and I love how it turned out. My only regret is that I didn’t get it altered last year! One of my reasons for shortening it was that I thought it would make it more versatile {ie. I could wear it all year round.} The shirt is sleeveless and I figured I could wear it without a cardi in the summer if it was shorter. Also now that it is {four inches} shorter I can tuck it into my trouser jeans easier for a dressier look. I am sure I could have done this refashion myself if I knew how to sew but for the time being I think it was worth taking it to an expert to get the look I wanted.

Learning to sew is on the top of my to do list once we get to Oklahoma. My MIL sews and since we’ll be staying at their house I’ll have access to her sewing machine and her sewing skillz. I think we should have “Sewing Saturdays, what do you think? I have been pinning beginner sewing projects for a while now. Click here to see what I am thinking of making. Do any of you have any favorite sewing sites that you like? I would love some fun and easy tutorials to begin with.

wiww: 11.16.11

I’m trying to get back into the habit of “what I wore wednesday” posts but I forgot how much effort it takes. A lot of effort in case you were wondering! This past week the weather has been so back in forth, making it hard to know what to wear. One day it’s 65 and the next day it’s barely 50 degrees. The only thing that has been consistent lately in Rhody is the wind. Ughhh! I try to like you Rhode Island but I just can’t.button down: gap, sweater: old navy, jeans: banana, boots: frye via zappos, necklace: local boutique

I love the layered look but I am not so sure I am good at putting layered looks together. To be honest I was kind of hot all day in two long sleeve shirts. Maybe I need to layer with some lighter clothing? Anyone out there have any great tips on layering?

tank: forever 21, cardi: BR outlet, jeans: BR, shoes: old navy {yard sale $1}, necklace: thrifted salvation army
cardi: jcrew outlet, top: h&m, skinnies: banana, shoes: thrifted from goodwill, necklace: gift

tank: loft, cardi: target, jeans: sevens, flats: nordstrom {gift}, necklace: gift

You know what one upside to moving every few years is? Your wardrobe becomes new again! The first time I wore this orange cardi in Rhody a few people complimented me on it. I thought, “Really, this old thing? It’s so circa 2007.” But then I realized no one in Rhody had seen all of my old standby outfits before. They don’t know I wore my favorite grey cardigan 3,401 times last year. So to sum this up if you can’t buy new clothes every year just move!. HA!! Looks like I’ll get to reinvent my wardrobe one more time when we move to OK next month. Four weeks and counting ya’ll!!

pleated poppy

what i wore last year

I haven’t felt very fashionable lately. Every morning I just stare at my shirt options and think “what the heck did I wear last winter?!?” I’ve seriously been rotating between three long sleeve tees {Black, grey, and grey and white striped} and jeans. Every once in a while I trade the jeans in for cords. If I want to really spice it up I throw on a down vest. Pretty pitiful!

I’m not sure what the deal is but I seriously put more effort in to my running outfits than my everyday clothes. WHAT!! I think mainly when I am out of the house at {pre-school drop off, grocery store, etc.} I am wearing a coat and I figure no one really sees half of my outfit any way. I haven’t even gone to the trouble of wearing a cute necklace or anything.

To help me get inspired in the fashion department I went digging through my  iphoto archives to see what I wore last year. {Dear blogger, if I still had my old blog I could have looked there instead of iphoto trash. Ahem!}

We are on a strict budget right now which means no new clothes {unless some arrive under the Christmas tree}. Mamma’s got to make do with what she’s got. Now when I start to think that I have nothing to wear I can use this post as a jumping off point!!

pleated poppy

final farewell

image via

Last week Ben and I went to our last “Hail and Farewell” of our Navy career. Do you like how I said “our?” Whenever someone new checks in or leaves the command a “Hail and Farewell” is held. Last night was special because it was Ben’s final farewell and it was held at a castle!! The Bellcourt Castle is one the many historic mansions in Newport on Bellevue Avenue.

It was neat to get to go to the Mansion when no one else was there and walk around. Not many people could say they were “farewelled” in a castle! I wish I had thought about what I wore that night a little more because it was freezing inside the mansion. I should have known it would have been cool and drafty. The part of the house we were in was originally the carriage house. They had a really neat old carriage in one of the rooms. So ornate and pretty! Think Cinderalla! Flash photography wasn’t  allowed so unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of it. I probably should have snapped a few pics but I was so cold I could barely think about anything else.

I have to say that my  favorite thing about the evening was that Ben was wearing a completely thrifted outfit! He has picked up so much business attire at Savers this past year for practically nothing. That will come in handy hopefully pretty soon as he transitions to the corporate world. I might be a little biased of my handsome hubby but I have to say that besides the CO  he was one of the best dressed guys there. I wish I had a full photo of his outfit but there no way he would have posed for me. Ben has lost some weight in the past few months and has slimmed down quite a bit. I’m so proud of how hard he has been working to stay healthy and exercise. It’s definitely a good motivator for me!

Corduroy Blazer: *Cacharel, Dress shirt: Brooks Brothers.Trousers: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: Banana Republic

It’s starting to set in that the end is near. Ben has just over a month left at his command and then he will be going on leave for about 80 days! We just got our pack out dates which I am grateful for. All the little things are going smoothly and as planned.  Looks like we’ll be leaving Rhody on December 15th. WHEW! This has been such a whirlwind of a year!

The other day I was running by myself and started thinking about how this was a stressful move. Then I remembered that last year’s move was actually a lot more stressful.  Trying to sale/rent our house near the time when we were moving was super stressful. Nothing went as planned with our move, we got pack-out dates at the last second and then had car trouble during our actual move. Here’s hoping that this is our last move EVER!! At least cross country moves anyways. I can deal with across town moves. 🙂

*I had never heard of the brand Cacharel so I googled it. Apparently it’s a designer fashion label. Hubby definitely didn’t know what he was buying when he got it. Such a steal for only $8!

wiww:: runners edition

I know I have introduced you to “Rhody Abby” and “Tan Abby” but it’s about time that you meet “Runner Abby.” It’s been a while since I have done a “What I wore Wednesday” so I am linking up over at the Pleated Poppy today. 

You’re getting a first thing in the morning, no make-up {except for yesterday’s mascara}, post run at 33 degrees, Abby. How’s that for transparency!

  • short sleeve tee: Eastern Mountain Sports {clearance rack!}
  • tights: New Balance via Marshall’s
  • jacket: North Face outlet
  • shoes: New Balance via RoadRunner {on sale!}
  • earband: Nike outlet
  • gloves: Nike outlet
  • armbands: North Face oultet
  • watch: Garmin via REI {labor day sale!}
I never thought running would be such an expensive sport. I thought you just needed shoes, a t-shirt and some shorts. HA!! Granted you could run in that but it’s so nice to have wicking material instead of plain ol’ cotton if you are dong very much running at all.The only thing on that list above that I paid full price for was my running tights. I paid $19.99 for them at Marshall’s which I know is discounted from the original N. Balance price so technically I guess I got those on sale too. Places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are great places to find discounted workout gear!
My most favorite running accessory right now are my arm bands. Hubby was going to buy some at the NF outlet and said I should look to see if there were some in my size. I had seen them in an advertisement in Runner’s world on a Olympian but I have never seen any normal person wearing them. I reluctantly bought them and then when I got home I regretted getting them. Well I finally wore them last week for the first time and I LOVE THEM!! Totally worth the $8 I paid for them. As you can see in the above picture I wear them with my short sleeve tees. Sort of forms a long sleeve shirt but there is a little bit of room for some air flow. I even folded them down slightly one day when I was a little hot. Go getcha a pair if you are doing any running outdoors this fall/winter.