{india adoption}

Our adoption timeline:

12/18/2015 Submitted application for India program

12/23/2015 Accepted into the India program with AWAA

1/25/2015 Home study update for India

2/12/2015 India home study approved by AWAA

2/18/205 Registered with CARA (India’s Adoption Authority)

2/19/2015 Received our home study in the mail

Submitted I-800A application to USCIS

4/1/2015 Received Referral of our precious baby girl

4/6/2015 USCIS Fingerprints

4/21/2015 AWAA received our Dossier

5/15/2015 USCIS I-800A Aprroval

6/3/2015 Official Referral Documents arrived from Orphanage in India

8/1/2015 USCIS I800 Approval

8/17/2015 Article 5 issued from Consulate inDelhi

9/22/2015 No Objection Clearance (NOC)

10/30/2015 Verbal court approval

11/5/2015 Written Court Approval

12/4/2015 Received a copy of the Article 23

12/4/2015 Booked our tickets to India

12/13/2015 Fly to India!

12/14/2015 Arrive in Delhi

12/15/2015 Meet up with in country staff and other AWAA family, Fly to Patna, Meet Anna and apply for passport

 12/16/2015 Visit orphanage and take Anna with us back to the hotel
12/18/2015 Pick up Anna’s passport
12/19/2015 Fly back to Delhi, Say goodbye to Minal
12/21/2015 Medical and Visa appointments
12/22/2015 Shop at Dilli Haat
12/23/2015 Tour around Delhi, visit Khan Market, Lodhi Gardens, and Humayun’s tomb and pick up Anna’s visa
12/24/2015 Leave Delhi
12/25/2015 Arrive into OKC

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