Noonday Trunk Show with Jessica Honegger


This past year the founder of Noonday, Jessica Honegger, has been going around the U.S. and meeting up with Ambassadors in their cities.  This past week Jessica came to OKC and I had the joy of getting to  have her stay in our  home.   It was such a special time!  I am so grateful to have had some one on one time to get to know Jessica better and also to share my story with her! We got to talk about our families, Noonday (a given right!), and adoption.

While she was in OK we had a Noonday trunk show of course! I got to hear Jessica share at our ambassador conference in January but I was so excited to have all of my friends get the opportunity to hear her too.  This trunk show was for one of my friends, Candice, who is adopting from the Congo!  It was such a fun night of getting to bless Candice and her family. I have a special place in my heart for adoption trunk shows. I LOVE partnering with adopting families to help them bring their littles home.




We had so many people come to the trunk show (50+ women) to support Candice and to hear Noonday’s story first hand from Jessica.  Many of the girls who came were people I know well and have really helped to launch my Noonday business here in Oklahoma.  Some of the women  have hosted multiple trunk shows, some have adopted, some of them were Noonday newbies, and almost everyone was decked out in their Noonday! It was SO MUCH FUN to finally get to introduce Jessica to Noonday’s biggest fans!  

1002655_643257109042971_2020908496_n (1)











After the trunk show several of the OKC ambassadors met up for drinks.  I always love hanging out with my sweet Noonday sisters! I love that we are all in this together, working for the same mission.

unnamed (1)

When I started with Noonday I had no idea the friendships that would come out of this.  I am so thankful I went to the conference in January and got to meet so many of the ambassadors in person.  These Noonday sisters are the real deal.  They are true world changers!


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