Good news from Ethiopia!


We have been in a little bit of a holding pattern this past month.  The day after Christmas we found out that meetings were taking place in Ethiopia to determine the future of international adoption.  Throughout our adoption process I knew this was always a possibility but it still came as a shock to my system to think that Ethiopia would close it’s doors on adoption.  Throughout this period of waiting our agency was upbeat that Ethiopia would not totally close to adoption. They are not quick to want to pacify you with a response they think you want to hear. Instead I feel like they wait to relay information to us after it has been confirmed and is factual.  I was hopeful based on their response but still prone to worry at the same time. Oh do I like to worry and dwell on the what ifs!!! I still struggle so much with giving all of my anxieties to the Lord and resting COMPLETELY in Him.

Today we finally got word from our adoption agency that Ethiopia does NOT plan to stop adoptions. MOWYCA officials plan to focus on eliminating bad practice in Ethiopian adoptions and focus on good practice. We are grateful that the Ethiopian government does not want to shut down adoptions within Ethiopia!! I know that there is the possibility of reform to come but we are ok with that.

Tonight we will give thanks to God for this good news and answer to our prayers!

Click here to read the full blog post from our agency.


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