and that’s a wrap….. on our first year of blended model school


We went up to Noah’s school last week to pick up his things and say our goodbye’s to his teachers. His last week  of school got cancelled  due to the May 20th Tornado. His school is just north of where the tornado went through. I was SO grateful he only goes two days a week and that it was a home day that Monday.  As we were driving on the highway towards his school we drove right through a lot of the damage.  Seeing it on tv is so much different than seeing it in person. It becomes so real seeing familiar places that we used to go to that are now no longer there. The past week has felt so weird and everything has just felt a little off kilter. It feels weird to resume our normal activities and go about our business of summer.

I was grateful to have time with other school families at our end of the year picnic.  I have gotten to know so many of the moms this year and they have been such a joy and a blessing to me.  The families that attend our school live in many different areas and are spread out in probably a 60 mile radius. We probably won’t  get to see a lot of them over the summer. I am already looking forward to August when I can see familiar faces in the hallway or at Rise again!

Going into this school year I had grand plans of documenting our home days from time to time.  Obviously I have been amazing at doing that! HA!  These pictures are from some of our last home days at my in-laws house (back in August). Had to document that since our very first month of home school took place at their dining room table!

This is the table all prepped before we start. I try to have everything out and ready to go before we ever sit down. A little bit of organization is SO helpful and makes our morning run smoother. Not perfect mind you but smoother!

home day

It took us a few months…ok maybe more like a semester to fall into a rhythm on our home days.  I wish I could tell you I am home school mama of the year and super patient but I’m not. I still really struggle with being able to check items of our lesson plans and I might raise my voice sometimes a lot.

I know I have said this many times but we love, love, love the school that Noah attends. We love classical education, the blended model, the amazing teachers, our head of school, the families who attend there, and the wonderful community we have found there.  We are grateful for the opportunity for Noah to attend K there next year!


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