ways you can help


Thank you so much to everyone that gave towards our Give1 adoption campaign and shared via facebook.  Going forward we ask that in lieu of giving towards our pure charity account that you would consider helping those that were effected by Monday’s devastating tornado here in Oklahoma. So many people in our community have lost EVERYTHING and are going to have to rebuild their lives.

Here are some ways that you can help several families that we personally know of:

::Give online to Love and Justice Church and select Tornado Relief Fund.  The pastor of this Acts 29 church, Andrew Burkhart, and his family lost his home and everything that they own.  Another family in their church lost their home as well. Please consider giving to help these families in need.

::You can also give online through our church, Providence Road Communities.  These funds will be used for short-term and long term relief efforts including (but not limited to):

-Andrew Burkhart and his family

-Love and Justice as they serve the people in their neighborhood who have need

-Chick-fil-A of Moore as they serve the immediate Moore area


Thank you to everyone who called, texted, sent messages and checked in on facebook to make sure that we were ok on Monday.  It was unreal watching the tornado you see above on my t.v. screen knowing it was just 8 miles down the road.  The tornado went through the area where our dear friends have their Chick-fil-A and where several of our friends live.   I am so grateful that all of our friends made it out safely! Please continue to pray for our area of Oklahoma and specifically for Moore, OK.  It will be a long road of recovery and rebuilding.

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