Super Fan 5K


A local company, Old Hat Creative,  hosted the Super Fan 5k in our city this past Saturday.  I ran the race with two of my friends that I run with three times a week.  My running group lately has gone from 2 girls to 4 of us! LOVE that we have a little running club now. This was our first race that we have done together and when we signed up I told them I wanted to PR. And PR I did! Our time was 28:11 which put us at a 9:06 minute mile.


One friend Tricia, from our church, works at Old Hat and helped organize the race. We had a huge turnout from our church come and run the 5k.  I love that we have so many runners in our church and that we love to show up and support one another!  Ben and I have been so blessed by our Prov Road Community!  I am so thankful the Lord led us to this church and such an amazing group of friends to do life with.


When I rounded the corner to the finish line I looked over and saw Ben wearing this hat.  If you know Ben this is totally not his normal “look”!  HA!  They were giving out OU hats that were signed by Bob Stoops during the race, hence the hats.  LOVE my Ben, gansta hat and all!


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