Adoption Yard Sale


This past Friday and Saturday was our first ever adoption fundraiser.  I have been planning our adoption yard sale for months and the hard work and time we put into it definitely paid off! We were able to raise $5,000!!  I am just completely blown away at The Lord’s provision.  He gets all of the glory!  THIS was all Him!


Going into the sale I was hoping we would make $2,000.  My friend who is also adopting, told me last week that she really wanted to make $5,000 at her adoption yard sale next fall.  I am not gonna lie. I thought to myself, “That is a lot of money. She’s crazy! Can you make that much at a yard sale?”  When we had already hit $3,000 on day one I told her maybe her goal wasn’t so crazy after all and she said maybe The Lord had spoken the number to her about our sale. By the end of the day on Saturday we had made $4, 886 total. I texted my friend the number and said we were so close.  Well then that same friend showed up at my house a few hours later with $114 in hand to push us to $5,000.  Seriously, we have the BEST, most THOUGHTFUL friends EVER.

Thank you to everyone who donated items for us to sell.  We had over 30 families donate to our yard sale.  We would not have been able to have a sale without you!




Also a HUGE thank you to our friends that came and helped during the actual sale. We had 12 friends come work with us, some of which were here both days at 6:00 a.m. to set up. We also had friends bring donuts and coffee and a full lunch spread to last us for a week.


My friends , Nicole and Anna, basically ran the yard sale on Day One.  They were amazing! Nicole is in the process of adopting from Uganda and Anna has adopted from Ethiopia.  They get it.  They both understand how costly adoption is and have both had adoption yard sales.  So thankful for their friendship and their help.


Pretend my eyes aren’t closed in this picture.  I had to post this picture of my good friend Candice and I.  We have only known each other for 11 months but I feel like we’ve know each other for an eternity.  We have been through so much together in less than a year.  Our boys go to school together, she’s my biggest Noonday supporter, we live near each other, and we are both die hard yard salers.  It was fun to “yard sale” together!  If it looks like we are dressed for winter it’s because it was so windy on Saturday. Sunny, but windy!


Our friends Alan and Melinda pretty much ran the show on day two.  So thankful for these sweet friends!


Our friend Russell might have stood at the end of our street and waved ongoing traffic towards our street.  If only I had a video of that!


We had a lot of friends pre-shop kids clothes in my living room the week of the sale and a TON of friends and friends of friends shop at our sale.  It was fun to see so many familiar faces!  I wish I would have gotten more pictures.  This is my sweet friend Misty.  We met just over a month ago at the Stuck screening when we volunteered together.

A friend told me the other day that she has loved getting to watch the Lord provide for us and shower us with his love over and over again.  I know I have said this several times but my biggest concern when we were considering adopting was finances.  I stand amazed at how much we have been able to fundraise in a short amount of time and the overwhelming generosity of both our family, friends and complete strangers to give towards our adoption fund.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask  or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20


8 thoughts on “Adoption Yard Sale

  1. Pretty amazing! You all are definitely surrounded by very dear friends! So cool to see how many people came out to help and support you and so very excited that you were able to raise so much towards your adoption! The boys and Matt and I are praying for and looking forward to meeting our new niece/cousin! God is good!!

  2. The lyrics of this children’s Sunday School song come to mind, “Praise Him, praise Him all ye little children. God is love. God is love.” Your side of your little girl’s story is another testimony of God’s continual goodness, faithfulness and provision. Super-duper cool.

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