OKC Memorial Kids Marathon


Noah ran in his first official race this weekend! He ran the entire 1.2 miles!!  We’re so proud of him. Ben’s dad ran with him during the race.  The OKC Memorial Marathon is in remberance of the those that lost their lives in the bombing of the Federal building in 1995.


These are most of the kids and family members from Noah’s school that ran the kids marathon.  They did part of their training at home and the rest during PE this spring.  We have a wonderful PE teacher who organized the kids running the race together.  Our school was named the 2013 OKC Memorial Kids Marathon Oklahoman Fitness Challenge winner for the highest percent of participation!  The school will be awarded a traveling trophy and $500 for our P.E. department.

I ended up running the 5k at the very last second.  My friend texted me on Saturday and asked if I knew of anyone who would like to take her spot in the 5k.  I decided to go for it since a few of my friends were already going to be running it too.   I really wanted to run the race in under 30 minutes and PR.  If you are a serious runner or your name is MK please don’t laugh at my goal! ha!  Well I was running along with my friends feeling pretty good and I decided to run ahead. I was running a long and I looked down at my watch and I had already run over 3.3 miles. OOPS!  I somehow missed the 5k turnoff and had continued on with the Marathoners and the 1/2 marathoners!! I was supposed take a left on 10th street and ended up at 18th street.  This is what happens when run a race on the fly and you don’t look at the course map at all.  I got some super funny looks from all the marathoners when I was walking back in the opposite direction to get back to the 5k finish line.  In the end I did run a 5k with a pace of 9.6.  I just ran on my own course!


One thought on “OKC Memorial Kids Marathon

  1. Yeah for Noah!! And how cool is it that his school won for participation??!! Awesome! And I had to laugh that serious runner and my initials were mentioned in the same sentence. Surely that was just a coincidence … 🙂 Congrats to you both (and the school!) again! xomk

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