thrifty finds

A few of my friends organized a women’s clothes swap in our city.  Lots of women in our area donated clothes from their closet for the sale. And then we all got to go shop the sale. Every piece of clothing was under $5! All the proceeds and left over clothes were donated to several women’s organizations in the area. I LOVE this and hope it becomes a semi-annual event!


I picked up this super soft OU long sleeve tee at the clothing swap for $2!


OU Cheerleading outfit, $1

This was my first ever yard sale find/purchase for lil sister. Ya’ll it is so much more fun to shop for girl clothes! My friend and her extended family had their annual yard sale this past weekend and they had TONS of cute girl clothes.  I am definitely going to be going to their yard sale every year!  If the boys hadn’t been with me I might have dug through more boxes and bought more. I got seven outfits for lil sister though!


 OKC Thunder Jersery, $.50

Graham just got this exact same jersery for his birthday but in a smaller size.  Noah has been wanting one so I was so pumped to find this one for him!


White 11 x 14 Frame, $.50


Cuisinart Panini Press,  $0.75

I might have bought this on the run. My freinds and I were on a run and we just so happened to be running through a neighborhood full of yard sales. This one family was moving overseas and selling a ton of their belongings. My whole running crew each bought a few things! So far I have used my griddler to make a grilled cheese but I am hoping to make something fancier soon.


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