this and that

1:: We got to preview a rough draft of our homestudy last week. Kind of like reading your life story. Weird!! Hopefully we will get the final copy this week. We need our home study to move forward in the adoption processs. We can’t apply for immigration, send our dossier, or apply for grants until we have our home study in hand! Ready for some forward motion soon.



2::  During one of our home study visits our social work told us about an Ethiopian Restuarant in OKC that we should try. We asked some of our more adventurous friends to join us and made a double date of it! There are a lot of young couples without kids in our church so sometimes when we go on a date we like to invite another couple to go out with us. It is a great way to have some kid free time where we can really talk with and get to know new friends!  The food was so good and I am already looking forward to eating there again soon. I really want to learn how to make Ethiopian food! Maybe I will experiment this summer.

3:: This past week we got to meet some new friends for dinner. They have three children, two of which are adopted from Ethiopia. Anna and I have met up several times in the last few months to talk adoption but this was the first time for me to meet her husband and and two of her children.  This was the first time we have ever met anyone from Ethiopia!! She has such a precious family and a beautiful adoption story. I have been so encouraged by her freindship and honesty.  So thankful for the Lord’s timing and provision in the friendships that he has provided for us this past year.


This Saturday we are headed to Stillwater, OK for a get together with families who live in OK and have adopted/are in the process of adopting through our agency. I’m excited to meet other families that are adopting and live in our area!


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