thrifty finds


wood pallet, free

If you follow me on instgram then you probably saw me post this picture recently.  Ben was standing at our kitchen window when he noticed our neighbor had put a wood pallet at her curb (it’s city wide clean-up this week).  I may have said something along the lines of, ” Well what are you waiting for? Let’s go get that sucker!”  We have had an idea in our heads for a while now involving a wood pallet.  The one we found is in great condition!

pallet sign

I love the look of this pallet art and have had it pinned for months. I want to do something similar but something that involves every city/state we have lived in!

dandlion pallet

I also love the look of this pallet art! If we can squeeze two signs out of one pallet I may try to make something like this for little sister’s room!

Two weeks ago one of our neighbors who just so happens to work with my FIL had a big yard sale. I got the rest of the items below from her sale.


2 pairs of jeans, $1 each

This may not seem exciting to you but it might if your four year old has a hole in ALL OF THE KNEES OF HIS JEANS!!  Why are little boys so rough on their pants? I was grateful for some like new jeans for Graham to have for church.


running shirt, $2


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