DIY Eye Make-up Remover

I’ve been on a DIY kick lately! Mainly I am just out to cut costs where ever I can. I have made homemade coffee creamer and eye make-up remover in the last few weeks.  I’ll share about the coffee creamer later but for now let’s make that eye make-up remover!


Here is what you’ll need:

1 cup water

1 1/2 tablespoon of baby soap or shampoo (tear free)

1/8 teaspoon baby oil

an empty bottle

Measure, mix ingredients together and pour into a recycled bottle.

I have been saving my eye make-up remover bottles for a while now with the intention of making my own. I  have wanted to do this for months but we’ve been a little busy with somthing called OUR HOMESTUDY and DOSSIER! Now that we are almost out of the paperchasing phase I have a little more free time to get some projects done. I’ve also been easing back into going to garage sales and I plan to share some of my recent finds soon!

Recipe found in this post.


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