adoption update

Just wanted to share a few things we have been up to lately…

1:: The past two months we’ve been busy working on our home study and dossier. We’ve been collecting new copies of birth certificates, our marriage license, answering LOTS of autobiographical questions, getting physicals and blood work {we had EIGHT doctors appointments in one week ya’ll!}, and getting everything under the sun notarized.

2:: We’ve had two home study visits in the last two weeks. We’ve completed all the paperwork {on our end of things} for our homestudy and are now waiting to get a copy of our home study from our social worker. It will feel good to have our home study wrapped up. We need the home study to be able to apply for grants, to apply for (immigration/finger prints), and to complete our dossier.

3:: Based on the estimated time it usually takes to get our finger prints I am hoping that we can submit our dossier by early June. Hopefully we will be DTE at least by my birthday!  (DTE stands for “Dossier To Ethiopia”.) This is the day our agency submits our dossier to Ethiopia. It is also the day that we are officially put on the waiting list for a referral and our wait begins!

4:: When we submit our dossier we will have to pay half of our international program fee. Next to our travel expenses this is one of our biggest adoption fees. You may have noticed on our sidebar that I have added a section to show where we are as far as funding our adoption. I plan to update this amount as we go along. To date we have raised $10,300. This amount includes money we have personally contributed, donations/gifts from friends, money we have made from selling things around the house , and money earned through Noonday. I didn’t quite realize we had raised anywhere near that amount until I sat down with our adoption spreadsheet recently (you knew we would have a spreadsheet!) I’m blown away ya’ll-by the support we have received from friends and even from people we don’t know very well.  Right now we are gearing up for a little fundraising action this spring. We are planning a yard sale for early May and we also have a few other fundraisers up our sleeve that we’ll share with you as it gets closer.


5:: Last night I was able to go see the STUCK doucmentary in OKC and volunteer before the screening.  I would high encourage you to go see it if it is playing in your city or purchase the DVD to watch at home. STUCK follows the stories of four children from Ethiopia, Vietnam and Haiti; of the families who fell in love and adopted them; and of the additional years those children spent in institutions waiting for their cases to be processed. Please take the time to sign the petition and be an advocate for children languishing in orphanages around the world!

4 thoughts on “adoption update

  1. I have to admit I’m kinda jealous whenever I read your new adoption posts. I mean jealous in the best kind of way…I know adoption is still part of our story and I can’t wait to experience it sometime in the future. And GIRL. You’re a third of the way there!!!!!!! Whoooooo!!

  2. That’s great you’ve raised so much money and are even closer to being on the waiting list! I can’t believe there are so many steps involved with adoption!

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