Graham:: four

Little brother turned FOUR recently! I feel like I no longer have babies anymore, just little dudes now. We celebrated his actual birthday with presents, dinner with our familes, and an ice cream cake.



Love this little guy so much. He has such a fun personality and is such a joy! And as Noah recently said, “You look like Ben!.” I think he is looking more and more like his daddy each day. Graham LOVES to talk and will literally talk to you for two hours about whales. He is very enamored with whales! I am hoping we can go to Sea World at some point this summer.

A few days after his actual birthday we celebrated with most of his best buds. He requested a super hero party for his first ever friend party.




Avenger printable found here.





Super hero lollipops capes and masks found here.


I made these sweet super heros to give out as favors and in true Abby fashion I totally forgot to hand them out at the party. Happens.every.stinkin.time!


5 thoughts on “Graham:: four

  1. Wow, four! How is it that he and E are so close in age now?! Seems like when they were teeny tiny, they were at such different stages. He’s looking so grown-up! Happy Birthday, Grammy!

  2. Pic #2 is so handsome. And I am glad that I am not the only one that forgets to hand out the take home goodies. 😉 Now I just pass them out after presents are open regardless if people are leaving or not.

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