Spring Launch at Noonday + A Spotlight on our Ethiopia Collection


Noonday’s Spring line launches today on my Noonday Site! I am so in LOVE with the new spring line. I received my samples in the mail last week and have been having so much fun styling the new pieces and playing dress up!

My absolute favorite pieces are the ones that are made in Ethiopia. I LOVE getting to wear pieces that were handmade my men and women in our daughter’s home country. I don’t know our daughter’s name or what she looks like yet but I feel like I have a connection to her each time I wear one of my Ethiopian pieces.

poetic macrome necklace

poetic macrame necklace

metallic orb bib necklace

metallic orb bib necklace

Just outside of Addis Ababa, the capital city of ETH, looms Mt. Entoto.  Once home to emperors and monasteries, the sacred mountain now houses a community of over 1 million Ethiopian’s with a  positive HIV status.  They have flocked to the mountain seeking the waters that stream and pool there, which are considered to be holy and healing.

However some have found true healing in a small outreach working on the mountain. This outreach makes sure that those living with HIV are assured access to the life-saving medicines that reverse the course of the disease.  By taking the medications, HIV becomes almost undetectable in the bloodstream. The disease does not define these women anymore. 

The women earn a dignified income by making distinct accessories.  Each bead in our ETH collection is created from artillery shells that farmers find in their fields from former war conflicts.  Once used as a means of violence and destruction, these shells are melted down by village artisans, made into beads and given a beautiful new purpose when crafted into the pieces you now wear.


tessa bracelet

tessa bracelet

very versatile bracelet

very versatile bracelet

I was reading about some of the artisans recently that are a part of the  outreach program on Entoto Mtn. and one woman said, “My heart and eyes are open. My life has been changed because of this program. Now you can go into my home and there is food there. Thinking about this makes me want to cry. I know God helped you to help me and now I am changed.”

bullet and bead hoops

bullet and bead hoops

I LOVE the stories of redemption behind these pieces and I love that these pieces are up-cycled from artillery shells. You know I love turning something old into something fun and new! 

A % of all sales made through my Noonday site  goes to help bring home our daughter from Ethiopia.

Love the spring line?  Want to help spread the word about Noonday Collection in the OKC area?
Host a trunk show and receive 10% of trunk show sales in Noonday Collection product OR cash towards an adoption if you are in the process. I would love to partner with you! Contact me at abbyschill@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Spring Launch at Noonday + A Spotlight on our Ethiopia Collection

  1. I was looking at the Noonday site this morning and thinking, “How am I gonna choose now? There are even more goodies I would be proud to own.” 😉

    Great post. I am with you on the artillery pieces. What was once used for violence is now bringing peace of mind. Praise the Lord!

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