My biggest concern when we started talking about adopting was, “How in the world could we possibly afford to adopt?”  There would be no way on our current salary that we could finance a $25,000+ adoption.  I almost was to the point that I didn’t really want to even talk about adoption because I didn’t think it was even a realistic thing we could do at the moment.

Slowly I started meeting with friends to talk about adoption. One of my good friends has adopted two children and another good friend is currently in the middle of adopting.  Through Noonday I have also met several new friends (online) that I have  reached out too. I asked them questions about adoption, which agency they had used, etc.  And I also expressed my concerns over the cost of adoption.  Almost everyone I talked to shared that most people do not have the money to fully or even partially finance their adoption. They pretty much all said the same thing, that if God calls you to adopt then he will provide a way for you to.

Our first major adoption expense was our first agency fee which was due back with the initial set of paperwork. When we first applied online to adopt through AWAA we had $80 to go towards this $2500 fee. With in one week God provided the rest for us!

A friend generously handed us a check to go towards our adoption and we were able to FINALLY close our military claim for our damaged/missing items and get a check for that. We’ve been waiting five months to close our claim already. God’s timing is perfect!


In addition to these two checks we have been selling things online like it’s our day job! We started thinking about all the things we had that we weren’t using or just didn’t need anymore. We’ve sold all of the items listed below on either ebay, craigslist , other online sites, or to friends. So far we have been able to fundraise nearly $1300+ just by selling things we had around the house.

::a refrigerator

::cd’s and dvd’s

::two purses

::a thrifted designer sweater

::several of ben’s old uniform jackets from his navy days

::our treadmill

::bike rack

:: one of Ben’s guns

:: video baby monitor

The items that we sold on craigslist all sold really quickly, most within  24 hours! Somebody was helping us move these things quickly!  I am happy to report we were able to almost completely pay for our home study  with all of our random household items sale! YAY!

God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.  Ephesians 3:20


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