thankful thursdays


thankful for my rockstar husband:: I have been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with the stack of homestudy/dossier paperwork we have to complete.  I kind of wanted to have a mental panic attack every time I thought about where we should start.  While I was meeting with some friends last week Ben took all of our paperwork and organized it! YAY!! You know I love organization.

We now have a binder just for our dossier and one for our homestudy. Each document that we need is in a clear protective sleeve. If it is something we are waiting on (like new copies of our marriage license) then there is a 3×5 card in the clear sheet that says ” Marriage License” so we know what we are waiting on. He also put the checklist for the homestudy/dossier in the outside clear cover of each binder so we can see at a glance what we have left to do.  We have to email our family coordinator each Dossier document so she can approve it before we get it notarized. Each item that has been sent to her gets highlighted on our Dossier checklist.

Our paperwork seems to much more manageable now and less intimidating. We’re knocking things out one by one.

thankful to be moving forward:: This weekend we had our first homestudy appointment with our social worker. The meeting went SO good! I loved our social worker. Our agency has one social worker in OK that they use and several of our friends have used her too. Within one home study appointment under our belt things are starting to feel legit now! We’ve gotten a lot of our paperwork done in the last two weeks and are collecting new copies of birth certificates and our marriage license, reference letters,employment verification letters, etc.  Up next are physicals for the whole family. We have to take a notary to our Dr. appointments. Ha! That won’t be awkward!

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