thankful thursdays


::thankful for some amazing friends. These are a few of my good friends I have made since moving back to OK. LOVE these girls. They are each so thoughtful and so encouraging. I am also so thankful for their husbands friendship for Ben too.


::thankful for time this week to make my favorite granola bars.  dark chocolate+peanut butter. need I say more?


::thankful I get to work for an amzing company.  I could and will dedicate a whole post sometime soon to how my job with Noonday is going. But for now let me say that I am thankful to work for a company who’s mission I can really get behind.  I LOVE that Noonday  has a heart for adoption.  And that I can use the money I earn from my Noonday business to fund our adoption.


(i’m the second hairnet from the right!)

::thankful for a chance to serve others.  Last week I had the chance to serve at a local shelter alongside a few friends.  It was a pretty humbling experience.  I am ashamed to say that I have never volunteered anywhere like that before. The only times I have even seen a homeless person was in a larger city like D.C. and New York.  It’s easy to not want to believe that there are people in your own little city who are going without meals and who don’t have warm places to lay there heads at night.

Mostly we served hot soup to men and women but there was one father there with his son. The little boy was maybe around Graham’s age and it just about broke my heart. I kept praying over and over that morning while I scooped out sour cream and placed it atop bowls of chili for the LORD to open my eyes. I kept thanking HIM over and over and over again for all that he has provided for us and for his blessings.

At the last minute Noah decided to come with us and help his friends hand out silverware and cookies. I am So glad he came with me. I want the boys to be grateful for all that we have been given and to be servant hearted. Noah LOVED getting to help and on the way home he asked if we could go back the next day! We’re both looking forward to serving again soon!


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