why ethiopia?

While there are many different options when deciding where to adopt, the choices actually become quite limited when you review all the different requirements of each country.  We looked at a handful of countries, one of which was Ethiopia. During our research we were drawn to Ethiopia because of the unique history and background of the country.  The origins of the country can be traced back to the second century BC and it is one of the oldest Christian countries, adopting Christianity as the state religion in the fourth century.  Another reason for making this decision is that it has one of the largest populations of orphans with estimates as high as 5 million total of which nearly 800,000 are a result of HIV/AIDS.

As we were trying to decide on a country we were leaning towards Ethiopia. All of a sudden I was seeing Ethiopia everywhere. All of these random connections started popping up with new aquaintances and friends of friends who had adopted from Ethiopia.  I just felt like the Lord was confirming what we were already thinking!

Already the LORD has been forming a community around us with new friends we can reach out to as we start our international adoption journey. I am SO thankful he goes before us every.step.of.the.way!


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