So we have some BIG news to share………….

We are adopting!



Ben has always wanted to adopt. I’ll be honest and tell you it was never really on my radar. We have talked about adoption several times over the past few years but I didn’t really think we would necessarily adopt. But this past year my eyes have been opened to the possibility of adoption. Several good friends that we have met in the last year have adopted or are currently in the process of adopting. Adoption has become a pretty typical topic of conversation amongst our friends. Ben asked me again if I would consider adopting and so we took several months to pray about it.

During this time I landed on Noonday’s website. I was reading through Jessica Honnegers adoption story and her words really spoke to me and got me thinking. She says,  “If this is something meant for your family, God will make it clear. But if it is fear that is keeping you, you are missing out. I can’t imagine having missed the joy of my newest son because I let my (very real) fears keep me from following God’s plan. Kids need families. Do you have a family?”

For me FEAR was definitely THE motivator in not moving forward with adoption. I was worried it would mess up my free time(what little free time I have). I thought it would be hard. We just got out of the Navy and this year has been a hard year of transition. I thought we couldn’t afford to adopt. I thought it would mess up the family dynamic we have going. I was worried we couldn’t continue to pay for the boys’ school. How could we send a third child? I could go on and on with my fears. I have lots of them!

BUT I didn’t want to let fear keep us from adopting if it was God’s plan for our family.  For God has not given us a spirit of fear….. 2 Timothy 1:7

 So I said YES!

Ben and I both feel God’s call to stand up for the fatherless. We believe that adopting is something that we can do and we are excited to welcome another child to the family. Our boys are also very receptive to the idea and have asked about having a sister long before we brought up the idea to them. We of course have many concerns but we also feel that as Christians we aren’t callled to live comfortably, but to follow him wherever he might lead us.

So what’s next?  We have just recently submitted our application to adopt a little girl and have been accepted into the Ethiopia program with America World. We look forward to starting our home study soon and compiling all of the necessary paperwork to build our dossier. Once it is complete, our dossier will be sent to Ethiopia and then the wait will begin.  Right now the average timeline for this process is 24-30 months.  There will be two trips to Ethiopia, the first to meet our daughter and the second to bring her home!

We would love your prayers and support as we start this new journey and move forward with international adoption! We will be relying heavily on our community of family and friends to complete this process. We trust that HE will provide all that is needed for this adoption, for it is truly his work, not ours.

We’ll be updating the blog as we go along. This will serve as the main way we will communicate about not only where we are in the process but how you can be involved.

“In You the orphan finds mercy.” Hosea 14:3


8 thoughts on “So we have some BIG news to share………….

  1. hooray! what an exciting journey you are beginning. you should connect with my sweet neighbor (citygrace on my blog sidebar) as they are in the process of adopting from south africa. can’t wait to hear more as things develop!

  2. Congratulations on your future “child blessing”
    You are both such special people. God will bless you, your boys, and your
    new child many times over.

  3. Awesome a million times over! I’m sitting at work trying not to cry about your news. Excited for y’all as you prepare to welcome a new little one to your fam.

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