a gallery wall


We have s-l-o-w-l-y been hanging things on the wall lately. It took a while to collect a few new things to add to the existing things we had on hand but our gallery wall finally came together this weekend. We spent a long time thinking about the layout of the pictures and finally decided we wanted the bottom pictures to be even so we could then add other pictures over time. The idea is to continue hanging things upward and outward as we go along.

We put one of my pinterest pins to good use and started by hanging pieces of cardboard in the exact places we were thinking of hanging our pictures. Once we were pleased with the layout it was time to get to hanging!

(I might have thought about taking the booster seat off the chair but that wouldn’t really represent real life now would it?)


We debated whethere to use a quote or a verse for our large frame and finally settled on a portion of Micah 6:8. I picked up the large frame a few years ago at a yard sale for a few bucks and we painted over the ship print that was in it.


The clock was a gift that Ben got for Christmas this year and it is a map of our address/our part of our city. I love that our first address just so happened to fall in the constraints of this map too! Way to go National Geographic, props to you!


Remember the Georgia tea towel canvas I made once upon time?  It unfortunately was in one of our kitchen boxes that went missing during our final military move. I was gifted the Oklahoma tea towel recently. Of course it had to go on the wall! To learn how to make your own tea towl artwork visit this post by the lovely Melissa!


This print is of the Newport Harbor in Rhody.  It came from my favorite little art gallery on Bannister’s wharf. I would love a giant print of this but seeing as those were thousands of dollars I settled for this more affordable size. Stop by sometime and see it in person. It’s hard to see all the little details in a picture of a picture!


The print came from this etsy shop. The hubs actually looked on my pinterest wall and then told my in-laws that I would like this print. Props to the hubs on that one!


I was planning to hang an “s” on the wall but it looked a little weird to have one item that wasn’t framed. So I took a canvas we didn’t really like any more and covered it in book pages and slapped an :s: on that.  I’m a few years behind on the book page craze but I am kind of addicted now. Don’t be surprised if you see some more book page projects this year!


This placemat came from Anthony’s, our favorite Seafood restaurant in Rhody. On our last trip there before we moved we grabbed a placemat to take with us thinking we could do something fun with it.



And for a little dose of reality…..this is what was going on in the other half of the living room while I took these pictures. More on this later!

8 thoughts on “a gallery wall

  1. This looks great! I just happened to be sitting here when your post came in my inbox:). I hope to take you up on stopping by to see that painting up close one day!! Blessings to you and your sweet family. Still enjoying seeing how abundantly the Lord is providing! xomk

  2. It looks so great, Abby! I love all the little pieces that make up your family history. It’s like a scrapbook wall! I am inspired. . . now I just need a big blank wall and some frames. 🙂

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