christmas in colorado

A few days before Christmas we loaded up the car and drove to Colorado. Ben’s parents went with us in a separate car (sometimes it would be nice to have a mini-van!!) Noah rode with the in-laws about 75% of the trip. It was SO weird to only have one child in the car with us. Eerily quiet!! We made it to CO  13.5 hours later without hitting any bad weather.

I was a little nervous about how all the boys would do together. Four of the five kiddos are all so close in age. The last time we were all together they didn’t get along so well. This time was night and day from this summer though. They all got along so well and there was hardly any bickering. The kids played all week long. Sometimes I literally woudn’t see them for hours on end. This allowed for lots of time for the adults to hang out and relax. It was nice to have nothing planned and to just enjoy being with our family. We played lots of games in the afternoons and evenings and pretty much snacked all day long! I think the only time we ventured out of the house was to go to a Christmas Eve service and sledding. I wish we could vacation all year round! ha!

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

matt, leah, abby, and ben

matt, leah, abby, and ben




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2 thoughts on “christmas in colorado

  1. We were so blessed to have you all here! It was really neat to see how well the boys played this time and how much they enjoyed each other. Thanks for making the long drive for Christmas! We miss you all!

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