This month is flying by at record speed but I am trying to force myself to slow down and really enjoy this season. We’ve been doing quite a bit of Christmasing throughout the last few weeks. Early in the month we went up near Ben’s work to look at Christmas lights. One of the companies in OKC wraps every single tree on their campus and it is totally worth going to see.




We also went for the first time ever to our city’s annual pancake breakfast (60th annual!) and then we followed that up with the Christmas parade downtown. It was not quite the caliber of the Athens christmas parade but it was pretty good. the kids had a blast and got a TON of candy. I loved getting to hang out with all of our favorite people!


On Friday morning we finished up the last of our school work before Christmas break (YAY!) and then sat down to decorate a gingerbread house together. Somehow I have never ever made  a gingerbread house before. Thanks Christina for posting about the Aldi’s kits.


Noah’s school had a Christmas program early in the month. Little bro is front and center in the argyle sweater. He wowed me by actually speaking during the program and not freezing up like he has done in the past. I was so proud of him for singing, doing the sign language motions with the song and reciting a verse. Each class had memorized several verses and sang a few songs. The fifth grade class was very impressive. They not only recited a WHOLE chapter of Isaiah but they sang several songs in Latin. Look what I have to look forward too!!

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