Trunk shows

WHEW!!! It has been a crazy few weeks! There has been lots of behind the scenes prep work the last few weeks leading up to my first Noonday trunk shows. Five of my amazingly awesome, super supportive friends have/or are hosting trunk shows for me in the next weeks. I am so thankful for these friends that are helping me to launch my Noonday business. I don’t know what I would do without them!

11-26-12-Abby Schill and Candice

My friend Candice hosted my very first Noonday trunk show for me this past Tuesday. Candice has been so supportive of Noonday and my new business venture. She showed up at my door soon after I became an ambassador with a pretty linen necklace display for me to use at my shows. And she has spread the word about Noonday to so many people she knows. I keep telling her she is my marketing director!! HA!

Candice and I are two peas in a pod and are a like in so many ways! She loves to go to yard sales even more than I do! I know you probably didn’t even think that was possible right?!? I’m so thankful that Candice was the one to have my first show! We had a great turnout of fun ladies.

See the chalkboard tray we’re holding? You know I had to have a DIY project as part of my display! Right after I officially became an ambassador for Noonday I found this tray at an estate sale. I immediately thought I can use that for my display!


I remembered at the last second to take a picture before I painted the inside with chalkboard paint. I then had my very talented friend Katy paint the Noonday Logo in the middle of the tray using chalk paint pens. I LOVE how it turned out!!


Katy hosted my second Noonday Trunk show for me last Thursday. This was a really low key trunk show with most of my good friends from our church.  It was fun to get to share Noonday with them! Many of these girls prayed for me when I was looking into becoming an Ambassador and have been so encouraging every step of the way! I’m so thankful for these friendships that the Lord has provided!

****Check out Katy’s etsy shop, KatyRoseCo. to see her beautiful handwritten prints. The Lord has blessed Katy with such a talent!

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