school days

I really want to document our homeschool days but it’s hard to remember to or want to take pictures while we are doing school. If there is one thing homeschooling has taught me so far it’s to be FLEXIBLE. Now I am not saying that I have mastered this skill at all but I have at least recognized that our days go a lot smoother if I am willing to adapt and roll with the punches.

We usually school at the dining room table but today we had to re-group in Graham’s room for our school time. We’ve unfortunately being have some major kitchen plumbing issues. Today our kitchen is filled with several guys trying to remedy the situation.

So today I had to set our school supplies on Graham’s dresser.

And we set up a makeshift work area.

And the boys requested we read our bible story in their “fort”. Bunk beds make good forts in case you didn’t know!

Lots of friends have asked how school was going. And I think I always tend to say that we’re still getting the hang of it. Each of our home days honestly looks completely different from the one that came before it. This type “A” gal is learning to let go a little. Who knew I would learn more than I could ever teach. I know the Lord is using this adventure to point out some idols and sinful behavior I so easily resort to. It’s a humbling experience friends.


One thought on “school days

  1. Thanks for your honesty….good to be reminded of the need for flexibility, as I lean towards Type-A too….Love the bunkbeds!

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