little moments

When we were living in Rhody we went to the park at least six days a week. Most days we went multiple times a day. One benefit to livng in base housing is that there are often a plethora of parks nearby. We had one that was nearly in our backyard and I think I might have taken that for granted.

Today we took a two block walk down to our new neighborhood park. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I actually thought of driving there. In my defense I am at the tail end of potty training Graham and it’s a little hard to run home to the bathroom when you have two kids in tow.

After deciding to set out on foot Graham reached up and grabbed my hand. He held my hand the entire way to the park. Whenever I tryt to hold his hand in a parking lot for safety reason he NEVER wants to hold my hand. So it was quite a surprise when he reached for my hand today.

So grateful I decided to walk to the park today and that I didn’t  miss out on this sweet little moment with Grammy.

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