thankful thursdays

My sweet friend Cara Jane posts every Thursday about what she is thankful for and I thought I would join her this week!


Bike rides and lunch on campus with some of our best pals. Three mama’s, six little people, three bikes, one stroller, one plasma car and a tricycle!


The dishwasher in our new (old) kitchen died right before we moved in. We ordered one shortly after we moved in and it finally arrived last week! It seems a little out of place in a kitchen full of off white 1959 appliances but I don’t care.  I’ve never before been thankful I had a dishwasher to unload but I am now.


I’m thankful that Ben is not only SO handy but that he also enjoys home improvement projects. It definitely saved us some money to have Ben install our dishwasher.

4: New (to me) yummy treats!

5: Fun printables

We got our household good shipment and unfortunately we are missing a lot of our prints, pictures, and things we have collected during our time in the Navy. Basically that means are walls are now empty. My friend Katy sent me several links to some fun printables. Grateful for a few pretties to look at.

6: A freezer and pantry full of Trader Joe’s lovelyness!

The in-laws drove to Texas on Monday to make a Trader Joe’s run. SO grateful we now have some of our favorite food and snacks on hand.


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