home sweet home

We were planning on renting for the next year  since we still own our house in GA but unfortunately living in a college town makes for some dang expensive rentals. We quickly realized we could save hundreds a month by buying instead of renting.  So we started looking more seriously at the houses that were for sale. We had one neighborhood that we really wanted to live in. It’s convenient for getting to Ben’s work, Noah’s school, and all of our favorite places and parts of the city. Plus the lots are very large and there are tons of established trees. There were only two houses in the neighborhood that were for sale and they were both slightly out of our  price range. We went to look at them  and neither of them were exactly right for what we needed right now. I was kind of frustrated because Ben was really determined to only buy in this neighborhood and specifically on either of our two favorite streets in the neighborhood. Although I loved the neighborhood too I felt like we were going to have to expand our search if were going to find something we liked in our price range.

So fast forward a month or so and through a series of really random phone calls later we found out that an acuaintance of ours that lived in THE neighborhood was selling his house. The crazy thing is the house he was selling was on one of THE  two streets we liked, was in our price range, AND it was a house that Ben’s brother used to own. I mean seriously what are the odds of that happening?? Since we were already familiar with the house we took about two seconds to think about it and then called up our friend and told them that we wanted the house. This was on a Friday and he was about to list the house that next Monday with a realtor. So thankful we were able to make an offer before he listed it. It felt like God just handed us this house. We could hardly believe how things ended up playing out. I stand in awe at the ways that the LORD has provided for our family during the past year.

Fast forward another month and we are all moved in our new {old} house. I am beyond grateful to have our own space again. (We spent just a few days shy of nine months with the in-laws.) It’s kind of weird to be just a family of four again but we are adjusting quickly back into our own routine and ways. It feels so good to have a house to call  “home” again!

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