first days of school {2012}

Noah had his first day of pre-k recently.  Every time I look at this picture I kind of want to cry because it doesn’t seem possible that he is this big already?!?!?

He hasn’t let me take a picture of him pretty much all summer but luckily he posed for these first day of school pics. Grateful to be able to capture this next chapter of his life.

I love the teachers that Noah will have this year. They are both so sweet! We went to a two day conference the week before school started and we got to spend a lot of time with both of his teachers. Most of the the parents, the faculty and staff were all present at the conference.  I LOVE this community that we get to be a part of! His school is unique in that he goes two days a week and then we homeschool three days a week. I am grateful for the blended model.

Every morning they go to a little “assembly/chapel” time first thing. The parents are welcome to stay for this and I have gone a few times. So far Noah really likes his school days. It’s kind of weird to have him gone two full days every week. I can’t imagine sending him five days!!

It’s been fun to have so much one on one time with Graham when older buddy is at school. That first day we went on a mommy/grammy date. I let him pick where we ate and he picked Panda Express.  As you can see his beloved “baby” went with us! We’ve gotten to have some playdates with our friends that have kids the same as Graham and this next week we’ll start a bible study on one of Noah’s school days. Our weeks are going to be FULL but good!!

So far I have four home days of school under my belt. If I have learned anything so far about homeschooling it’s not to have any expectations about how our school time will look. Our first day got off to a rough start and I may have cried once! My MIL had a  visitor right as I was about to start my first home day.  Reason #201 why you should not attempt to homeschool while temporarily living with the in-laws! It totally threw off my game and it was not what I had pictured for our very first homeschool day. I think the Lord was probably trying to break me of one of my idols of being in control.

I think even though it’s gonna be hard at times the Lord will use homeschooling to teach me patience. Just this past Friday Noah and I were working on handwriting and I was getting frustrated. I was trying to stay calm and patient even though I was having to erase a lot of what Noah was writing. He was getting tired of re-writing things and I was getting tired of telling him to slow down and take his time.  We were both losing steam fast and I was starting to get impatient. Right at that exact moment my MIL came into the dining room and told me what a good job I was doing. Maybe there is a plus side to homeschooling at the in-laws? I get a built in cheer squad!  She reminded me that this is why we are homeschooling! We want to get one on one teaching time with the boys.

Thank you to all our friends that have been so sweet to check in and see how things are going on the school front. I am SO grateful for the support network the Lord has placed  around us!


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