thrifty finds

I’m on a yard sale kick lately. Usually the boys and I will go to a few sales on Friday mornings and then on Saturdays Ben joins in on our yard sale adventures.

This past weekend I found a few things for homeschooling. I have been wanting a shape/pattern set. They sell for around $20 at our local teaching supply store. I got this Discovery Toys set for $1!!

I also got  a set of addition flash cards and then a set of multiplication/division flash cards. I am trying not to buy too far ahead for homeschooling but when I see a good deal on something I know we could use in the next few years then I get it.

Our two best finds of the weekend came from Salvation Army.  I found an almost brand new pair of Keen’s for the boys. They are a few sizes larger than what Noah wears right now but I couldn’t pass them up for $5.99. They actually had two pairs of like new Keen’s but I made myself only buy one!! Maybe I should have bought the other pair to sell at our local kids consignment sale????

At another Salvation Army (we have two within 20 minutes of each other) we stumbled upon this Ethan Allen dresser. What is funny about it is that Ben’s parents have almost the exact same dresser that they bought 38 years ago. The dresser on the left is theirs and our new one is on the right. We have been using their dresser while we have been staying at their house and we really like it. We were just talking about how we loved it that morning as we drove to Salvation Army and then we walked in to find one of our own! What are the odds of that?

I love the detailing at the top of the dresser and that some of the drawers have built in drawer dividers (they can be removed if you want). Thankfully the dresser is in really great condition. We’ve been wanting to replace the dresser we have been using in our master bedroom with a tall dresser. Thankful to get a good deal on the pieces we need/want.

This weekend is our city wide yard sale. I am SO bummed because we will be at a two day mandatory conference for Noah’s school all weekend. Seriously sad I won’t be able to go! But I am really excited/a little nervous for our homeschooling conference! One week and counting from today until we start!

**Sorry for a post full of iPhone pics. It was either that or a no pics in the post. It’s been that kind of week!


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