thrifty finds

Back in June we were on our way to church get together at the park one Sat morning when I spotted an estate sale sign. Ben pulled over and I ran into the sale real quick. I love estate sales! I found a few vintage books to bring home. You know we love us some Richard Scarry! I am always excited to find one of his books that we don’t have!!

I didn’t notice till I got home but one of the books I got is a library book from the elementary school I went to when we first moved here back in the 80’s. So fun!

I also picked up another milk glass bowl to add to my collection. You might remember that I picked up the same bowl only smaller right before we left GA. I was excited to find the mama bowl to my little one.

This past weekend Graham and I hit up a few yard sales. I found a handful of good books. Some of them were on my list of books I was wanting for homeschooling. Yay!

I was thrilled when I  found a set of 60 counters. You can use these to teach numbers, patterns, colors, etc. I almost bought some at our local office/school supply store but didn’t. Boy am I glad I waited. I paid $2 for a set of 60 counters which is a STEAL! There are little planes, tug boats, trains, cars, buses, firetrucks, etc.

I also found Graham an OU jersey to wear for dress up and for football games this fall. Our friends  have the exact same jersey but it’s an A&M one. Graham always puts it on when we are at their house. When I showed him the OU one he said it wasn’t the right one. I had to explain to him that we don’t root for Texas!!! 😉

My most favorite finds this past week were two running skirts.  We have a great local running store and they have an annual tent sale each July. I have been wanting a running skirt for a while now but couldn’t stomach paying $50 for one. I was able to get this Brooks skirt above for $17 and the NB one below for $25. I had a birthday gift card to the Runner I had been saving so really I got them for free!!

If you know me well you know that I am a huge Nike running short fans. We’ll ya’ll I think I have a new love. These running skirts are so dang comfortable. I have worn one of them running so far and loved it for that. But I have to say I have also been wearing them around to. It’s been 110 degrees this week and I don’t even want to think about coming up with a cute outfit. What is the point if I am just going to sweat???


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