Colorado 2012

Last week the littles and I traveled to Colorado to spend a week with my SIL and her family. It was my first time flying solo with the boys and they did great! The only hiccup in our travel day (because you know there always is one) was that our short 55 minute layover in Denver turned into a 5 hr layover. On the plane off again, on the plan off again. The boys didn’t seem to be bothered by all the back and forth but I was plum worn out from folding and unfolding the double stroller!

The first night we were there my SIL made Noah a birthday cake and we celebrated his b-day for a second time that weekend.

Most of the week was spent playing at the house. Noah loved the hot tub or as he called it the “hot pool!” They also spent lots of time on the trampoline or as Graham calls it the “Jumpoline!” Their house backs up to a wooded area/a mountain so it’s pretty much heaven for little boys.

The highlight of the week for the boys was getting to ride the train to Silverton. Ben and I had taken the train pre-little people so it was fun to get to take them for the first time.  We opted for an open air car which was fun.  The train winds up through the mountains with the river running below most of the way. Absolutely gorgeous!  I wasn’t sure how the boys would do since the train ride there was 3.5 hours but they did great. They did eat 400.2 snacks on the way up there but sometime you have to do what you have to do! We met a nice family from Dallas on the train and ended up going to lunch with them in Silverton.

A friend at church last night asked my how my vacation to Colorado was. HA! I am not sure a trip that you take with your kids minus your husband qualifies for the term “VACAY” It was a fun trip but it was also a lot of referring between the little people. I am glad that we went though and that the cousins can all spend time together from such a young age.

My SIL and I got to have two mornings to our self during the week which is fun. I rarely find myself kid free for hours during a weekday! Since neither of us has sisters it’s fun for us to get to hang out. We’re alike in a lot of ways and always have a fun time together. One day we ran along the river and then went to lunch at her favorite sushi restaurant. Another day we lunched (are you noticing a theme here?) and then went to float the river. We have gone rafting on the Animas River several times but I have never been tubing. They had less snow this past winter  which meant the river was barely moving. It was still fun despite the fact that we literally paddled with our arms for almost two hours straight. Oh well, at least we got an arm workout and two hours to ourselves! One night after dinner we got to run on Leah’s neighborhood trails. Hands down the prettiest run I have ever been on. I thought my Cliff Walk runs in Newport, RI were pretty amazing but this was totally different. Gorgeous mountain views from every angle. I was slightly afraid of being attacked by a bear or a mountain lion (they have had both in their neighborhood before) but I guess that’s the risk you take when you are running in the mountains!

Our trip ended with a 12 hour drive back to Oklahoma with five kids. Graham literally TALKED THE ENTIRE 12 HOURS HOME. I kid you not. Give that kid an audience and he’ll chat it up. Needless to say we were all ready for some peace and quiet for a while after that. ha!

Thank you Uncle Matt and La La for the fun week and for the pictures from our trip! Until next time……


2 thoughts on “Colorado 2012

  1. We took the Durango-Silverton train when my fam went on vacation in junior high!! I loved it…What a fun trip 🙂

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