Noah:: five

Mid July we celebrated Noah’s fifth birthday . He all of a sudden seems so old. I think it’s the fact that he’s starting school in a few weeks. I feel like he was three and then I blinked and now he’s FIVE.

We opted to have a family Thunder party this year. If you aren’t familiar with the OKC Thunder they are the local NBA team. Our whole family got quite bitten by the Thunder bug when OKC was in the play-offs! We all wore our Thunder Tees to the partay . I am sure we looked cool earlier in the evening when we were all out to dinner together!

Ben’s mom made Noah a basketball cake for his birthday. I thought it turned out so cute! She found several basketball cake pics/posts online that she combined to make the cake. My one measly contribution was to add the black rope licorice to the cake.

She used a meat tenderizer to make the texture on the basketball. I never would have thought of that!!

I’m so grateful for my Thunder loving, happy go lucky, always smiling Noah!


4 thoughts on “Noah:: five

  1. Love, love, love the last picture! The cake is awesome. Way to go MIL, and Abby if it makes you feel better, I wouldn’t have thought to do the licorice for the lines of the b-ball.

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