After months of running by myself here in OK I am happy to report I now have a new running buddy!! You don’t know how happy that makes me.  Naomi and I met this spring at my in-laws church and have been running together for the past three and a half months. She and her hubby were Graham’s sunday school teachers and Naomi and I were also in the same women’s bible study. Thankfully Naomi came up to me one day at bible study and said, “Are you Graham’s mom?”  I guess I owe my little chatty cathy Graham for making such an impression on Naomi! ha!!

I barely knew Naomi when I found out that she ran. I think I might have asked her to run with me before we had even ever hung out or had a playdate with the kiddos. We quickly fell into a running routine and now we run every Friday and Sunday morning together. She’s definitely more of an experienced runner and has ran several half marathons. I am not only thankful to have someone to run with but to have someone that I really enjoy spending time with. I think I look forward to the conversations we’ll have while we’re running more than the actually running itself. Even though we haven’t known each other for long we’re becoming good friends really fast. I think having a solid hour twice a week to run/chat has really let us get to know one another quicker than normal. If we have time at the end of our run we try to pray together or at least give each other things to be praying for one another during our weeks. I am SO thankful for this time of fellowship!

For now were just trying to get through the heat of the summer but then I would like to do some races once things cool off in the fall. It’s be an adjustment trying to get used to running in the heat and humidity. This spring I ran at all different times of the day {one bonus to your husband being unemployed!} but now that husBen leaves for work before seven I’ve had to go back to crack of dawn runs. Thankfully that’s when most people run their sprinklers!!


One thought on “running

  1. Awwww….to run. I am living vicariously through you and Naomi too as your running buddy. Give the pavement an extra pounding for me. 😉

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