six months

Last week we hit the six month mark of living with the in-laws. SIX MONTHS ya’ll. I think HusBen and I were both thinking we might live with the laws’ for up to six months and here we are at that milestone already. We’re essentially living in one hall way of my in-laws house. We have a bedroom, the boys share a room, and then we have our own bath. Every so often I sort of get antsy and feel like the walls are closing in. I say we are living in one hallway but really we have stuff all over the house. We have our own fridge in the laundry room. We have toys stored in the built-in’s in the living room. We have bikes and plasma cars in the garage. We have art supplies in the cabinet in the dining room. We have our laptop on an extra desk in the office and our kiddy pool in the yard. We have half of the yard temporarily fenced off for our two big dogs. {Unfortunately while you are standing at the stove you can often look out the window and see our golden retriever sniffing around for the perfect place to poo. awesome!} So while I sometimes feel like we’re living out of our “bedroom” we really aren’t. My in-laws have been gracious to open up their home to our family. They’ve been champs about the whole thing really. As I have met new friends this spring the first thing they ask me when I mention we are staying with the in-laws right now is, “Yeah, so how’s that going?” And to that I say, “Surprisingly well!!” It’s not perfect but I think it’s gone better than any of us could have expected.

I think it helps all of us to know that it’s not permanent. We’ve tried to embrace the idea that we might as well make the most of it and enjoy this special one on one time with have with HusBen’s parents. I’m not gonna lie but having extra help with the boys is pretty dang nice after not living near our family for 7 years. If Ben runs after work then I have help at dinner time. If Ben and I want to go on a walk or grab a sno cone together after the boys are in bed we can do that. The guys can tag team the yard and mow it in less time. My MIL and I can run errands together. You get the point.

All this being said I have been longing for our own place lately. I think it’s sort of come about as I have met more friends and been invited into their homes. It makes me want our own space. I want to nest and decorate. Since Husben’s job is not of the permanent variety yet we’ve decided to wait on getting our own place. Burning through our savings account doesn’t appeal to us. So I’m trying to be content in my waiting. I’ll be honest and say it’s HARD ya’ll. I miss our big comfy green couch, my courtly check tea kettle, my favorite thrifted lamp, framed family photographs {why didn’t I bring a single picture??}, my craft supplies, the other half of my wardrobe/jewelry/shoes/bags, etc. There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t think, “Now why in the heck did I not bring the boys  swim floaties, that dress, my favorite kitchen tool, etc. We brought a lot with us but I was still really conservative in what I brought. We got an email last week that our non-temporary storage will expire by the end of Sept. Which basically means the gig is up. The military has generously stored our stuff for almost nine months. So in September I’ll get my wish and we’ll get our stuff. Most likely our household goods will go directly into storage instead of a rental house. At least it will be here with us instead of all the way in Rhody. The day when we can un-pack our stuff into our next place will be a bittersweet day. Until then…….

And just for fun here’s the boys room for the time being. I don’t really remember when I took these but by the looks of the long sleeve jammies on the bed I’m guessing winter! We brought the boys beds, bedding, clothes, and about half of their toys with us. Don’t look too closely or you might notice how much stuff I have jammed stored under their beds!


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