i’m back at it again

This weekend marks only the second time I have been thrifting since moving back to Oklahoma. Two times in six months is unheard of for me. When we were living in Rhody we went to Savers almost weekly. Granted there was absolutely NOTHING  to do in Rhody in the winter so there you go.

Back to this weekend… I talked HusBen into going to the Salvation Army in the next town over. It’s a lot bigger than our local store and I have been wanting to check it out for a while now.  The first thing I spotted (from the parking lot no less) was this silver soup bowl/tureen. Not sure if that’s it’s real name or not but that’s what I am calling it. I don’t plan to use it for soup but just as a decorative piece in the kitchen or on a bookshelf. I love the “pearl” detail on the bottom!

When we were leaving SA HusBen suggested we go a few miles up the road to OKC to check out Uptown Thrift. Well would you look at that! My husband suggested we extend our morning of thrifting?? I’ve created quite the little thrifter. ha! I was impressed with Uptown Thrift and will definitely go back there. The rest of my finds for the day I included three pairs of Levi’s, a pair of khaki shorts, and a pair of casual pants for Noah.  I love the slim fit/adjustable waits Levi’s for the boys! I can’t believe I found three pairs of them in one day.We don’t have any clothes for Noah past this summer so I’m excited to have a few pairs of pants for next fall already.

HusBen’s purchase of the day was  this Colman drink cooler. He wanted it for camping/soccer games in the fall. Whatever floats his boat!

The boys and I also hit up one yard sale on Friday. They mostly had girl clothes but I did manage to find some gymboree khaki shorts for Noah for only $.25 {pictured above}. They don’t look like they have ever been worn. I really need to start hitting up more yard sales! Most people have them on Friday’s and Saturdays here so I think I may brave Fridays and go with my little people.


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