safety town

I signed Noah up for several activities this summer, one of which was Safety Town. It’s a one week free class that teaches five and six year olds about bicycle, street, and personal safety. The local police dept. and the mall offer this class and the police sergeant teaches the class along with several volunteers. They have been doing safety town for 35 years and when we first moved here when I was little my brother came to safety town. HusBen also did safety town too! It’s so fun that now 20 something odd years later here I am taking Noah. Have I mentioned that I am beyond grateful to be back in my hometown?

The fun part of the class is that they get to ride a bike around Safety Town. The first day they each got their very own helmet to take home and decorate. Then the next day they got to start cycling around! There are real traffic lights, stop signs, rail road crossings, etc. that they have to stop at.

Today  they had a little graduation and they each got a back pack filled with a t-shirt, a compass, a whistle, a coupon for a free chick-fil-a kids meal, a coloring book, and a mini flashlight. Pretty sweet loot in the eyes of a four year old.

I was afraid little buddy would be so sad that he didn’t get to go to Safety Town and ride bikes. BUT thankfully some new friends were in the class with us and there were plenty of 2-3 year olds for him to play with. YAY for fun summer activities and new friends to share them with!


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