Up until this week I had pretty much decided not to blog anymore. I just haven’t had the desire to do so since we have moved here. Then my Georgia bestie sent me a link to one  of my old blogs {because there are about four of those floating around the internet} and said she enjoyed reading back through it. So I promptly started reading it and it was so FUN to go back and see our life in Georgia and the boys when they were babies. It got me sort of re-excited about blogging. I do miss having my craft blog but and I am sure once we have our own house again I’ll gravitate toward posting some of those things again. I’m not sure how to make up for lost time so I guess I’ll just post going forward. Here’s a few highlights from the last few weeks!

This past week the boys attended VBS at a local church. Since Graham has never done pre-school this was the first time he has attended something several mornings in a row without me. He LOVED it of course and kept calling it “his school.”  Everyday when I would pick him up at noon he would ask me if it was naptime. I think he had a ball but it was a lot of activity for our little guy. This was a HUGE VBS with 500 kids. Some of our friends kids were there too which was fun! The overall theme of the VBS curriculum was “Trust God”. I felt like this was such a timely topic.This spring Noah has really learned a lot about prayer and trusting God as we have been waiting patiently {and sometimes not so patiently} for him to provide for our family.

Besides VBS we’ve been easing into summer with our first trip to the pool and a few trips to the zoo.

A few weeks back we took our  new friends the Mosiers to the OKC zoo.  Despite the fact that they thought our OK City zoo was not as cool as the Texas variety, we all had a good time. They just moved here this spring from you guessed it, TEXAS. We’re trying to acclimate them to all things Oklahoma! Their oldest son is almost exactly the same age as Graham and we have spent a lot of time with their family the past three months. I’m so grateful for their friendship!

This past weekend we went to Tulsa to see family and friends. One of our good friends from high school lives there so we spent the morning with them. It was fun seeing our kids play together for the first time. Later in the day we went to stay with husBen’s aunt and uncle. This is the second time this year they have graciously hosted our rowdy crew. They always go out of their way to make it fun for the boys (kiddie pools, sprinklers, etc.) and for us (yummy dinners and letting us sleep in on Sunday morning!!)

On Sunday they took us to the Tulsa zoo since we had never been there before. We got to see the bears and the lions fed their breakfast. The zookeepers hid the lions meat around their habitat and then they let them out to “hunt” it. Pretty entertaining for the little people!

Hope ya’ll have a good weekend! We’re off to get the little people in bed so husBen and I can go on a sno cone date. OH, the beauty of living with the in-laws…….


5 thoughts on “lately

  1. Please don’t ever stop blogging! And, God has a way of testing us and forcing us to be patient to the point where we want to scream but then when we are finally at our breaking point he provides in ways we never even dreamed. My family is living proof of that. Some day I will share my little story with you…you have the most fantastic family and love these photos of the boys! Please tell Noah Miss Jen said hello!

  2. I’m with Renee in her comment on FB…I enjoy reading your writing. Keep it up. I also love seeing photos of the boys; Q-Ts.

  3. hooray! i’m glad you are back. i feel like that about blogging sometimes too, but i do want to notice these fast days when the kids are small. keep up the good work abby!

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