Running:: fall 2011

My {running} goal before we left New England was to run six miles. I wanted to know I could run about half of a half marathon before I started training for it next year. That might be kind of silly but it’s just something I wanted to do. Running is really mostly mental and I just needed to know I could psych myself up enough for half of the real deal. A week ago Saturday I completed my goal! Running one mile outside used to be hard for me so it kind of blows my mind I was be able to run six straight miles-consecutively-on the same day!! If you are an experienced runner {as many of my real life friends are} you might be laughing that I think six miles is far. Remember I am a newbie! Makes me feel like the whole 13.1 miles is a little more doable now.

Running goals: Keep running over Christmas {the month of December} This will be a little tricky since we are moving and will be in transit starting next week. I might have to settle for two runs a week at the most. I guess any running is better than no running right?

Favorite running gear: Merrell Glove running shoes. I have been wanting to try a minimialist/barefoot running shoe for a while now. I snatched these up at the Navy Exchange on black friday. Can’t beat $40 off and no tax! So far I really like my new shoes.

This is my friend Laura. She and I have run together four times a week for the past five months. This morning we went on our very last run together. So sad! Her and her family left today to move back to Virginia. I am so grateful that we are leaving within a week of each other and that neither of us are left to run in cold/windy Rhody on our own. What the heck am I going to do when I have to run by myself in Oklahoma?!? I’ve been pretty darn spoiled to have a friend who lives one block away to run with. I know I might never have that again. I am so thankful that God crossed our paths this summer when we were both in need of a friend. We were both praying for a new friend around the time that we met. I not only gained a friend and a running buddy but our kiddos also gained little buddies too. We met up at the playground usually three times a week in the afternoon to let the kids play.
Laura gave me a little farewell gift yesterday. She {knows how much I love coffee and} really wants me to run the half. 🙂 Wish we could do it together friend!

3 thoughts on “Running:: fall 2011

  1. running buddies are the best. mine keep getting pregnant (or sometimes it’s me) and that throws things off for a while, but it really is a sweet thing. you should def do the half! i’ve only done two, but in my opinion, it is a perfect distance to train for: really gets you in shape and is a substantial accomplishment without requiring the enormous amount of time that a full does. go for it! i’m sure the Lord will provide you with another running partner in ok!

  2. So glad you’re planning to run during December! I wish I had been a bit more determined to keep running during our move this summer. It’ll help keep you thinking right during it all. 🙂

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