the year of rhody

This week we hit the one year mark of living in Rhode Island. In a lot of ways I feel like this has been the longest year of my life. But then again maybe it was just December through May that crawled by annoyingly sloooooooooow? Thank you old man winter! This has not been my most favorite place to live {just being honest} but I have enjoyed our time here. It was fun to get to live in a place where people come to vacation. I’m grateful we could experience New England even if it wasn’t exactly how I imagined it would be. I do hope we’ll be back up here one day to show the boys Newport when they are older. Ben would love to qualify for the Boston marathon in a few years and I would love to vacation at the Cape again so I think we’ll have a few excuses to return to this area.

Since my old blog is no longer I pretty much lost all of my posts about Rhody this year. So I’ve pulled a few pictures that capture my favorite Rhody memories to post here. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “the year of rhody

  1. Love it – and I love that I could come and see your life there. Maybe I’ll come to visit in OK one day, too (especially since my sister lives there – though I don’t know how much longer she’ll be there)…
    Hope the moving goes well – I will try and call soon so we can catch up

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