A few days before Thanksgiving we went to a Lantern Walk at Noah’s pre-school. His teachers had placed tons of bags with lights all around the church property to form a path. Each child had a lantern {a jar decorated with tissue paper with a tea light inside} that they carried. All of the families walked through the lit path to the playground where the kids sang a few songs. It was supposed to be a quiet time for each family to reflect on what they were thankful for. I spent the whole time trying to make sure Graham didn’t drop his lantern and catch the grass on fire. The whole time he kept hollering, “Micah! Micah! Where are you?!” Awesome. Graham really likes one of Noah’s friends and he kept trying to find him in the dark as we walked.  I am sure the people walking in front and behind us found that to be enjoyable! ha.

I know it must have taken the teachers a lot of time to set up and take down the lights but I am grateful for all the effort they went to. The kids loved it and thought it was so special! Graham was so happy Noah’s teacher let him have a lantern too. He really just wants to be one of the big guys.

Did you all have a good thanksgiving? Ours was really low key and to be honest it didn’t really feel like thanksgiving. We’ve spent many a holiday without our family around and somehow I am still not used to it. It always feels a little lonely and sad no matter how fun we try to make it. This past week my great Aunt passed away and I really just wished I could be at home with my grandma. {It was her sister and best friend that pass away.} We’re two weeks shy of being at home. We’re so close! I wished we were already home so I could have gone to the funeral.

Back to Thanksgiving.. Thankfully we had sunshine {that makes everything better in my opinion} and we just relaxed and spent the day as a family. I was felling extra grateful that Ben was home and that the four of us could be together.

 We had filet mignon {by choice!} and the only “thanksgiving-y}” food we ate was pumpkin cheesecake that my Laura made and shared with us. Thanks Laura!! We’re not big fans of Turkey so we made a dinner that we liked.

I’m grateful for the downtime we had this week and for the time we got to spend together. We went on lots of walks around the neighborhood and went to the park so we could soak up a little sun. We’ve been spoiled by the fact that we can walk out our door and pick which one of the six parks in our neighborhood we want to go to. One park is literally our backyard.  I think mommy might miss that more than the boys once we move!

We’ve walked this path to the park more times than I can count in the last year. And I’ve run on it many a time too.

We had originally wanted to have surf and turf for Thanksgiving being as we are about to leave New England and all the yummy seafood. Unfortunately we couldn’t get steamed lobsters anywhere on Thanksgiving so we had our Lobster on Saturday at our favorite local seafood restaurant. We love Anthony’s! We’ve had lobsters several times from there and they’re great every time. ha! I totally just noticed Noah was holding up his ear of corn for the photo. Wish I had thought to stick my real camera in my bag!

I hope you all have a great week. My week involves starting to say goodbye to friends and moving prep. You should see the number of lists I have going right now to stay organized. Might need a list for all my lists. 🙂


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