thrifted shirt:: refashion

Remember this top I found last year at Saver’s? I loved the fabric and the doily-esque detail at the top but after I wore it a few times didn’t love the length. It bugged me that the shirt wasn’t lined and that you could see my jeans through it. This fall when I put it on for the first time I had a brilliant idea. Why don’t I get it taken up a couple of inches and make it more of a blouse than a tunic. I took it to my favorite local seamstress and told her what I was thinking. I took one of my other shirts with me that I wanted my thrifted top to look like, that way she could get an idea of what length and fit I wanted.

I picked the shirt up recently and I love how it turned out. My only regret is that I didn’t get it altered last year! One of my reasons for shortening it was that I thought it would make it more versatile {ie. I could wear it all year round.} The shirt is sleeveless and I figured I could wear it without a cardi in the summer if it was shorter. Also now that it is {four inches} shorter I can tuck it into my trouser jeans easier for a dressier look. I am sure I could have done this refashion myself if I knew how to sew but for the time being I think it was worth taking it to an expert to get the look I wanted.

Learning to sew is on the top of my to do list once we get to Oklahoma. My MIL sews and since we’ll be staying at their house I’ll have access to her sewing machine and her sewing skillz. I think we should have “Sewing Saturdays, what do you think? I have been pinning beginner sewing projects for a while now. Click here to see what I am thinking of making. Do any of you have any favorite sewing sites that you like? I would love some fun and easy tutorials to begin with.


One thought on “thrifted shirt:: refashion

  1. Love, Darby’s blog- Fly through our window (has some cute, easy tutorials), and MADE for starters….And the books Bend the Rules sewing (Amy Karol) and Weekend Sewing (Heather Ross). Yay for your MIL! It’s so much more helpful when you have someone to show you how 🙂

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