wiww: 11.16.11

I’m trying to get back into the habit of “what I wore wednesday” posts but I forgot how much effort it takes. A lot of effort in case you were wondering! This past week the weather has been so back in forth, making it hard to know what to wear. One day it’s 65 and the next day it’s barely 50 degrees. The only thing that has been consistent lately in Rhody is the wind. Ughhh! I try to like you Rhode Island but I just can’t.button down: gap, sweater: old navy, jeans: banana, boots: frye via zappos, necklace: local boutique

I love the layered look but I am not so sure I am good at putting layered looks together. To be honest I was kind of hot all day in two long sleeve shirts. Maybe I need to layer with some lighter clothing? Anyone out there have any great tips on layering?

tank: forever 21, cardi: BR outlet, jeans: BR, shoes: old navy {yard sale $1}, necklace: thrifted salvation army
cardi: jcrew outlet, top: h&m, skinnies: banana, shoes: thrifted from goodwill, necklace: gift

tank: loft, cardi: target, jeans: sevens, flats: nordstrom {gift}, necklace: gift

You know what one upside to moving every few years is? Your wardrobe becomes new again! The first time I wore this orange cardi in Rhody a few people complimented me on it. I thought, “Really, this old thing? It’s so circa 2007.” But then I realized no one in Rhody had seen all of my old standby outfits before. They don’t know I wore my favorite grey cardigan 3,401 times last year. So to sum this up if you can’t buy new clothes every year just move!. HA!! Looks like I’ll get to reinvent my wardrobe one more time when we move to OK next month. Four weeks and counting ya’ll!!

pleated poppy


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