what i wore last year

I haven’t felt very fashionable lately. Every morning I just stare at my shirt options and think “what the heck did I wear last winter?!?” I’ve seriously been rotating between three long sleeve tees {Black, grey, and grey and white striped} and jeans. Every once in a while I trade the jeans in for cords. If I want to really spice it up I throw on a down vest. Pretty pitiful!

I’m not sure what the deal is but I seriously put more effort in to my running outfits than my everyday clothes. WHAT!! I think mainly when I am out of the house at {pre-school drop off, grocery store, etc.} I am wearing a coat and I figure no one really sees half of my outfit any way. I haven’t even gone to the trouble of wearing a cute necklace or anything.

To help me get inspired in the fashion department I went digging through my  iphoto archives to see what I wore last year. {Dear blogger, if I still had my old blog I could have looked there instead of iphoto trash. Ahem!}

We are on a strict budget right now which means no new clothes {unless some arrive under the Christmas tree}. Mamma’s got to make do with what she’s got. Now when I start to think that I have nothing to wear I can use this post as a jumping off point!!

pleated poppy

5 thoughts on “what i wore last year

  1. You’ve done a GREAT job shopping your own closet, and your photography skills are really good. I have made a mental note to recycle sleeveless sundresses for winter wear! Thanks for sharing.

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