Graham 2.85

I mentioned to my MIL the other day that I wanted to bottle up Graham. I want to remember exactly what he was like at this age. He’s pretty much the cutest almost three year old ever. How is he almost three? I feel like he should be closer to two still. ;( I want to freeze time.

I love his little personality. He’s always so happy and usually easy going.

What he says is cute. And of course how he says it.

The fact that he runs everywhere makes me smile.

He’s pretty convinced that everything is green. I wonder why?

I never get tried of hearing him say, “Hold you?” when he gets tired of walking.

And the way his hair is always crazy is especially cute.

Sweet story about Graham. Whenever he sees me crying he says, “You sad?” Then he comes over and puts his little hands on either side of my face and pushes my cheeks in. Then he says, “That better. You smile!” He thinks he is making my face smile when I am pretty sure I look more like I am imitating a fish. But it is darn hard NOT to smile after a he does that. Sometimes he does it twice for good measure.

My little grammy-o you bring such joy to my day. You truly light up my world. I love you sweet boy.


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